Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ooooh... That's Pretty! A BESTeam Feature

I have the pleasure of sharing a unique little shop with you today - KCDragonfly. Kristine's shop is an eclectic assortment of both curious and captivating creations to inspire your imagination. Specializing in such diverse items as wedding and cosplay parasols, goth and pagan jewelry, and myriad fantasy themed goodies, Kristine loves to use her sewing and designing skills to create unique and often one of a kind accessories.

Taking a virtual stroll through KCDragonfly, I found myself in a bit of a quandary. Should I share some of Kristine's more mainstream items, or should I take a chance on showcasing the items that I feel are the a bit less mainstream, but that appealed to that new age side of my spirit. Well, you know me... I like to be different, so I went with the latter!

First up is this captivating Woman Under the Moon and Stars Ear Cuff and Earring. There's just something exotic and seductive about ear cuffs, and I think the additional enticement of Kristine's choice of charms in this design makes this a beautiful combination of feminine and cosmic energies.

The symbol of the goddess embraces the life energy, acknowledging all life and encouraging harmony between all living creatures. Goddess based spiritual belief systems have actually been in existence much longer than the more accepted religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, dating back to the dawn of humanity.  With a focus on nature, community, holistic health, and conservation of natural resources, goddess based spirituality like that practiced in Native American cultures, Wicca, Hinduism and other pagan groups, is gaining popularity as people seek out answers, acceptance, and a connection with the divine.

In this design, I feel Kristine brings together the earth goddess with the energy of the cosmos in a theme of universal divinity, a true one-ness of all thing in the heavens and on earth.  I really love the symbolism, even if it is my interpretation of it!

Next up we have this shimmery, earthy pouch that can be used in so many different ways.  Whether you're a practitioner of divination through tarot, I Ching, or any other number of methods and looking for a place to store your cards or runes, or you're simply looking for a small, safe place to keep your cell phone or IPod, this pouch will meet your needs perfectly.  I have a pouch similar to this that I use to carry the bare essentials when I dress up for the local Renaissance festival - it's a perfect match for that period of cosplay or reenactment activities when you would look slightly out of place carrying that modern purse.

This last item was actually the one that made up my mind about what direction to take this feature in. I saw this memory bottle necklace and thought it was really unique, and when I read the description, I knew I had to share it with you for a couple of different reasons.

First, all of the intricate beadwork was hand strung by Kristine herself. Hundred of tiny seed beads create the beautiful mesh pouch that surrounds an enchanting memory bottle - a perfect place to store anything small that holds a special place in your heart.

A place to store something small and special... yes... that was reason # 2 that I found this piece so appealing! Perhaps you have some petals from your wedding bouquet, or sand and shells from the beach you took honeymoon strolls along, or even a memento of a beloved pet... simply place anything tiny in the bottle, seal the cork topper to the bottle with some melted wax, and you'll have a keepsake you can take with you wherever you go. Kristine's added some beautiful Czech glass and Austrian crystal beads as dangles and attached the assemblage to a length of beautiful watermelon shaded riboon and yarn. I just think this is such a lovely and unique piece!

Well Kristine, you've done your job!  (for those of you who are curious about the meaning behind that comment, I think I'll let you check out the rest of KCDragonfly , including Kristine's profile! Especially be sure to check out her wedding parasols - they're a captivating way to add a bit of Victorian romance and/or Gothic charm to your wedding day or cosplay event.

You can also find Kristine and more information about her and the world of KC Dragonfly by clicking on these links:

Hope you've enjoyed!


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