Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Start Spreading the News - A BESTeam Feature

The hardest part of writing this post was coming up with a catchy title! In case anyone doesn't get the reference, "Start Spreading the News" is the first line from Frank Sinatra's hit, New York, New York... which ends with these lyrics -

I’m gonna make a brand new start of it - in old New York
And if I can make it there, I’m gonna make it anywhere

Come on, come through - New York, New York
~ John Kander, Fred Ebb

Having visited New York City for the first time a couple of years ago (it's Al's home town), I came away with a sense of awe and a definite belief that it takes a special kind of person to live there. For the most part, New Yorkers are driven, "I'm going to make it" types who simply just don't let anything slow them down or get them down for too long.

Agnes, from BeaderBubbe, makes her home in Brooklyn, one of New York City's five boroughs... and has just that outlook on life. I took some time last night to read through her blog from the beginning back in January of 2009 through her most recent posts, to get a sense of who she was and what inspired her, and this very busy "Bubbe" (that's Yiddish for Grandmother, by the way!) has this amazing spirit that truly inspired me! Even though she's nearing retirement, she's already been planning out the next phase of her life - exploring her creative side, learning about running a business, discovering the world of online marketing, product photography, and networking, and being a constant source of love and support for her husband, and their children and grandchildren. I got the impression that she is the type of person who is never bored - always finding something new to delight in, even if it's just seeing the world through one of her grandsons' eyes for the first time or indulging in those somewhat rare moments that she takes to read a new novel or lunch with a friend she hasn't seen in a while.

It doesn't surprise me that she chose jewelry design as a creative outlet, since the opportunities to try new ideas are virtually endless! I think it's time to seriously "start spreading the news" about BeaderBubbe and as you can see from the items featured here, it's news worth spreading! Whether she's dabbling in polymer clay (like her Rainbow Necklace - above left), exploring working with the natural beauty of gemstone beads (Isn't this Tiger's Eye Bracelet to the right simply gorgeous?!?) or wowwing you with a modern glittery domino necklace like the Black and White Pendant shown below, Agnes strives to provide an eclectic collection of quality handmade jewelry and trinkets for everyone in every age group and lifestyle!

I hope you'll take a trip over to BeaderBubbe to check out the rest of the treats you'll find there, and if you're the type who likes to read friendly, down-to-earth blogs about real life experiences and maybe chuckle (and empathize!) with the blogger as she shares her very realistic reactions to real situations, then you simply have to check out Agnes' blog! You'll find some great reviews of handmade items and shops as well as intriguing book reviews there too :) And oh yes, BeaderBubbe is also on Facebook, so be sure to "like" her page so you can be first to hear about her new products and promotions!

Thanks for stopping by - both here and at BeaderBubbe! It's been an honor to have Agnes on my blog today and even more of an honor to be inspired by this wonderful woman. I hope you find yourself inspired by her too! Have a WONDERFUL day!


BeaderBubbe said...

Thank you Karen for that fabulous feature.....I am motivated myself to look back on some of my blogs. I cant believe it has been two years already...Time flies....Thanks again!

Your Daily Jewels said...

I wish she was my Bubbe. BeaderBubbe sounds a lot like a very busy Grandma I am getting to know. I will check out the BB blog and her unique jewelry.

Linda said...

Fabulous feature!
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