Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plan A and Plan B (and C through Z too!)

One of the girls on the BESTeam, Tina from OffTheWallExpression, sort of challenged everyone to post their business goals for 2011. Not being one to shy away from a challenge (and since this will also qualify as a Etsybloggers Blog Carnival post!) - here are mine...from plan A to plan Z!

Assess... and re-assess... and make changes as needed
Bebo (Blog early, blog often)
Donate part of my profits to a Cause
Engage my readers
Faith - Have more of it, in myself, in others, and in the creative source of all there is
Grow - expand my customer base, add more inventory, increase my revenue
Health - Do a better job of taking care of mine, including eating better & sleeping more
Interact more on social media sites
Joke more - even if people don't always get them :)
Keep only records and files I need... delete the rest!
Laugh more
Master a new skill (maybe some metalworking?!?)
Network more
Organize better - a never ending battle!
Photos - Improving mine, carrying a camera with me more often too!
Quit procrastinating on paperwork!
Realize (See my personal goals blog post for more on this!)
Sit on a Stump (My friend Julia's favorite saying - basically to think before I react)
Think outside the Box
Utilize my time more efficiently
Visualize my goals with actual pictures of the things I want to buy or the places I want to go
Website - get mine up this year!
XHTML - Learn more about how to write the code (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language)
Yoga for energy, de-stressing, and general health
Zero in on what brings me the results I need

So, there you have them... in writing. I've committed and we'll have to see how I do! Wish me luck! Happy hump day to you all!


Leta Porter said...

What a list. I wish I could say I could accomplish all of that. I am trying to just focus on time management. Have a Wonderful 2011 MysticWynd~~ Leta

Tina - Off the Wall Expressions said...

Wow Karen! Fabulous list! I love 'S'!

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