Saturday, December 18, 2010

Echoes of the Heartland - A BESTeam Feature

Oh, how cruelly sweet are the echoes that start
when memory plays
an old tune on the heart!
~Eliza Cook

Looking through this shop, seeing the ghosts of old cars and photos of the American heartland, I was touched by a wistfulness, of echoes of days long gone when I lived in the Midwest. Life was simpler then... the world seemed kinder... and time passed slower... and I had my whole life ahead of me... and all around me, echoes of the heartland reminded me of days long gone.

Like Danielle of Danizabeth, I have a love of all things retro and nostalgic, yet I realize that perhaps, like Danielle, I am somewhat unique in that there seems to be few of us that can appreciate the beauty of these echoes, remnants and reminders of times gone by... the simple beauty of a windmill standing like a sentinel in the distance as one drives down an old farm road... the ghosts of Grandpa's old Ford and Great Uncle George's tractor... small town parades and picnics over 4th of July... sitting around a campfire and singing folk songs and strumming a guitar. I wonder how long it will be before those things are only remembered in the history books... and I'm thankful to talented photographers like Danielle who capture these echoes of the heartland - saving them for future generations who may never realize just how wonderful memories of small town life in the heartland truly could be...

All the Seeds Are Sown - 5x7 Matte Print

In addition to Danizabeth, you can follow Danielle on her blog and on Facebook! Do take a moment to stop by and see the rest of her unique view of the heartland - and pick out a print that will bring a smile to the face of someone in your world who "remembers when"! She's got a couple of fun "city" prints as well for the Chicago Cubs fan in your life - Go Cubbies!


Your Daily Jewels said...

I find myself perusing the photos of Danizabeth quite a bit. Being a city-gal, I appreciate how well she captures the ghosts small towns.
Such an insightful feature.

jamberry_song said...

Beautiful! These remind me so much of my home area. Glorious colors and captures. Thanks for sharing these! <3

Danizabeth said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful feature! Reading this has made the perfect ending to my day :)

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