Saturday, December 18, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Pink Ice 12.18.10

My daughter and her family were over last night and we got to talking about Christmas trees. I'm allergic to the resin in pine trees, so we have an artificial tree, but the kids were commenting on how full our tree seemed compared to other artificial trees they've seen. I think the 800 lights and 100+ ornaments and tinsel probably have something to do with that. I don't have a pre-lit tree and probably won't get one when the tree finally needs to be replaced. My daughter on the other hand, does have a pre-lit tree, but they want to get a new one before long, and she said that if she had her druthers, she'd love to get a flocked tree.

Now mind you, we never had a flocked tree when the kids were growing up, but since all of them were born in Illinois, they still seem to have some snow in their veins - and I guess this is part of her pretty well buried in the past memories of her very young years back there. I immediately envisioned a full and flocked douglas fir replete with twinkling white lights, shimmery crystal berries, satiny ribbons, and delicate frosted pink ornaments. (I guess I just associate pink with their family since it seems like she's always loved pink and when the girls came along, everything was pink, pink, pink! Although now with their baby boy, I think that has changed!)

Perhaps one day I'll have a second Christmas tree, and I'll do a Victorian theme with lots of pink and gold and white - and people will see it and realize just how lovely and olde worlde it looks... and how beautifully wintry icy pink is! Until that day though, I'll have to be happy with enjoying lovely icy pink items like these I've selected to share with you today - Enjoy!

(l-r, top to bottom)
SET-PINK MYSTIC Quartz and Gold Vermeil Earrings and Pendant by YOURDAILYJEWELS
Pink Satin Bow Headband - the Ice Princess from iggyfrankiecab
Transparent Pink Happy Heart Angel Bowl from Hideminy
Ice Cream Cone Cards from polkadotdaisy**
Ice Pink Dress, Coat, and Hat for your American Girl Doll by Grandmasbusybee**
Baby's First Tutu - Ready To Ship - Sewn Pink Infant Tutu by tiaratutu
Fake Cupcake magnet for decoration by shimrata
Artisan Lampwork, Rose Quartz, Gemstone and Silver Necklace -Ice Cream Dream by AllAboutTheBeads
Petal - Pure Organic Mineral Eye Color by orglamix
Whisper - Bobby Pin - Set of 2 from jellytoast
Pink Ice Cube Ring from MelisasMission
Pink Frost Lampwork Bracelet from RockerJewlz
Handmade sorbet and cream rose quartz and mother of pearl necklace from BlueForestJewellery
Pretty Cold 5 x 5 Fine Art Photo Print from CocoShack

I'll be back a little later on with a BESTeam treat - a look at one of my wonderful teammate's shops! Stay tuned!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop!


jamberry_song said...

Pretty features! ^__^ My family is all allergic to pine, too, so we sympathize with you.

Cass said...

Your tree idea sounds beautiful! I looove pink and gold together... I just may have to take your idea someday ;)
<3 Cass

RockerJewlz said...

Well, if YOU don't decorate a tree like that Victorian idea, then I'm going to have to as it sounds perfect for the theme.

Thank you for including my bracelet in this lovely and dreamy set of goodies.

Blue Forest Jewellery said...

Beautiful choices! Have never thought of pink as a festive colour before - now I'm a convert :-). Thanks Karen for including me in your selection.

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