Friday, September 17, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Heart of Gold 09.17.10

Kinda like Neil Young, I've been searching for a heart of gold... or gold earrings, or golden rings, or gold bedecked clothing, or anything else that's gold for that matter - and I've found some beauts!

Here's a few interesting facts about gold that I thought I'd share before I show off my finds for the day.

  • The first recorded gold ever discovered in the United States was was a 17-pound nugget found in Cabarrus, North Carolina.
  • Gold is so malleable that a single ounce of it (about the size of a quarter) can be beaten into a thin continuous sheet measuring roughly 300 square feet.
  • One ounce of gold can be stretched into a thin wire measuring only five microns, or five millionths of a meter, thick, and whose length would be approximately a distance of 80 kilometers or 50 miles.
  • Gold is edible. In addition to being included as decorations on cakes and candies, gold has also been incorporated into beverages and used as a dusting for fruit.
  • The Olympic gold medals awarded in 1912 were made entirely from gold. Currently, the gold medals just must be covered in six grams of gold.
  • Gold is one of the only two non-white metals of the world - the other being copper. All other metals are white!
  • Gold leaf may be only 0.18 microns (seven millionths of an inch) thick; a stack of 7,055 sheets would be no thicker than a dime.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Fort Knox does not have the largest stockpile of gold in the world, or the US for that matter. That honor goes to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Manhattan.
  • The Greeks thought that gold was a dense combination of water and sunlight.
  • During the fourteenth century, drinking molten gold and crushed emeralds was used as a treatment for the bubonic plague.
  • Most gold—78 percent of the yearly gold supply—is made into jewelry. Other industries, mostly electronics, medical, and dental, require about 12 percent. The remaining 10 percent of the yearly gold supply is used in financial transactions.
  • And, taken from the Latin word aurum meaning “shining dawn” and from Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn, the chemical symbol for gold is...

(A: l-r, top to bottom)
Vintage Napkins and Floral Woven Mesh Napkin Rings from simplycharminglife
Original Hat named 24 Karat Gold from hatsbyanne1942 **
PEAKS, PINES, and RIVERS - A Wedding Band in 14k Yellow or White Gold by BandScapes**
Embroidered Corner Bookmark, Goldfish, Koi from SatinStitchery (Artfire)
Harvest Season Fabric Coasters set of four - pumpkins from pruitthandcrafts
Avon flower pin brooch from michellecollection
Swarovski Crystal Clear Earrings by LetaMarieDesigns** (Zibbet)
1970s Jaru Metallic Gold Ceramic Bird in Flight Sculpture from mascarajones

(U: l-r, top to bottom)
OUTTA THIS WORLD LOVE... Antiqued Heart Charm Gold Filled Earrings from jenniferlynnstudio
SATIN BLING from taylorsays
VINTAGE Hammered Cuff from diamentdesigns
Sunburst Earrings 14k Gold Amber Freshwater Pearls Cluster from waterwaif
Swept Away- Cultured Pearl XLong Earrings by MysticWynd
Sweet Honey Lip Butter from MiapellaOrganics
Gold Dust Hummingbird - Large Knit Tank from nissalynn

Yes, we've definitely struck gold with this collection! I hope you liked these terrific items and that you'll stop back by tomorrow for some wonderful handmade holiday gift ideas for the kids in your world when I feature a collection of handmade toys and games. Never too early to start holiday shopping, and it's so nice to know that you're getting well made, safe toys that are handmade with love and care to keep your child safe and entertained! Please send me your nominations for this fun feature by clicking here for the submission form to e-mail me the link to the page of the shop where I can see your items or your favorites from another shop. You can also find a list of my future feature themes by clicking on "Be Featured" in the right sidebar :)

I'll see you tomorrow then - enjoy the start of your weekend!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop


waterwaif said...

Thanks so much for including me here, Karen!!

Toni at Satin Stitchery said...

Thanks Karen, for including my Koi Bookmark. This is a terrific collection. And I loved the research on gold!

Leta Porter said...

Thank You for including my little earrings Karen :)

Hats by Anne said...

Karen, you are always near and dear to my heart. Thank you again, my friend, for sharing my hat in another of your beautiful event. You are still and always will be THE BEST!!!

Leta Porter said...

And I gotta say I love those shoes!

jenniferlynnstudio said...

Thank you so much, Karen for adding my nubby heart earrings! I had that heart of gold song going thru my head all day.

ViKotas said...

Injectible gold is sometimes used to ease arthritis.

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