Saturday, September 18, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Toying with You 09.18.10

Wow - did I enjoy putting together today's post! Being one of those "children at heart" types, I'll never be too old to relish the joy of opening a present containing a new toy, and I especially delight in watching my grandkids as they play with their favorite toys. I believe toys and games serve a much greater purpose than simply keeping kids occupied and "out of our hair."

Some toys and games encourage children to use their imaginations, fostering creativity, developing roles, and allowing them to "experience" virtually anything their hearts desire. This ultimately encourages them to develop and realize dreams - and where would the world be without dreams? Other toys and games, like memory games, and word games, help children discover that learning can be fun and exercise young brains making their capacity to learn and remember greater and stronger. Still others encourage physical activity, keeping energetic bodies busy or helping to hone motor skills. And others, from the simplest tic-tac-toe to mid-level games like Monopoly or high level chess, teach them goal setting and how to develop strategies to achieve those goals. Life skills like managing money, working as part of a team, or choosing a career path are fostered in others. Knowledge of subjects like geography and science or ancient culture, as well as development of language skills are enhanced through other toys and games. Many do all of these things!

Learning can and should be fun, and every play time is truly an opportunity for a learning experience to some degree, and the best part is that the kids may not even realize they're learning!

That being said, here are my choices for today's feature of toys (and games as part of the broader category!) Way cool stuff :)

Monkey See Monkey Do Baby Mobile - Choice of Boy or Girl Monkeys (Custom Felt Colors Available) by PinkPerch
Early Toddler Learning Kit by TimeforTots
Robot Block Set by MoxieAndMischief **
Button, Snap, Tie and Lace Learning Toy snake by aebaby
Helicopter with four wheels and one propeller by KidOBabyAccesories
Custom Hula Hoops by BeeLeaves **

Hand Turned Wooden Top - Yellow and Black Stripes by UrbanTurn
Tot Toy Ambulance/Fire Rescue Vehicle - 11 by toysbydominik **
Rainbow Cloth Bowling Set from Zooble
Mini Wand Scope by goglassgirl
Veggietales Easy-Catch Baby/Toddler Clutch Ball by Little1Fun
HomeMade Peg Game from DrewMore
Huckleberry Hobo - a learning game by veryverdant
Little Buckaroo Rocking Horse by bubblesandcompany
Monster Rag I Spy Bag, eye spy bag, educational toy, quiet game by KNHDesigns
Hammer bench made with reclaimed hardwood by heartwoodnaturaltoys
Tic Tac Toe - Travel Game by evgie
Marble Run-Toy by kgw158
The Royal Game of Ur (Ancient Chaldean) by ancientgamecupboard
Memory Game Wood Squares - Boy Prints by appletreeboutique

Hopefully this will enable you to get a jump on your holiday shopping for the children or children-at-heart in your world! There is an amazing wealth of great toys and games on Etsy, and I'll be looking at even more - like dolls, make believe, puzzles, teddy bears, miniatures, and others in upcoming features... so if you submitted something for today's feature and weren't featured today - it's probably because I have you slated for another feature!

Tomorrow, I'll be showcasing everything sports related, so while your significant others are watching their game on tv, stop on by and check out some ideas for a special gift or toy for your favorite armchair or youth league athlete! I'd love to see your sports related wares if you'd like to be featured - and if you don't have anything sports related, click on "Be Featured" in the right sidebar to see what other upcoming features you can take advantage of for a little free promotion! All nominees can be e-mailed to me by clicking here .

Happy Saturday and happy shopping!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop

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Very Verdant said...

Wonderful selections here. I tweeted this post! Thanks for featuring my Huckleberry Hobo learning game.

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