Thursday, August 5, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - In Mint Condition 08.05.10

Today's featured color is a minty sea foam green - at least that's what I've decided to call it ;) It's not quite the color of a green after dinner butter mint, but it's a little bit lighter than sea foam as it rides in on waves. Regardless, it's a lovely soft green hue, and I'm happy to share some of the lovely items that were nominated for this feature!

Top Row (L-R)
Vintage Bird Letterpress Gift Tags - Set of 4 by missive
Lidded Birdy Nesting Pot in Pistachio by dorothydomingo
African Jade Turquoise Amazonite Silver Necklace by mojowoman

Middle Row (L-R)
State Fair/ European Slouch or Skullcap by hatsbyanne1942
Chrysoprase With Citrine and Keishi Pearl Handmade Necklace by aubepine
Handspun Thread - Buttah Mintz Blissful Threads - wool/silk by DragonflylotusDesigns

Bottom Row (L-R)
Wellspring beach glass necklace by sparklesandangels
Shell in the Sand - 5x7 Photograph by orangecatart
Baby Quilt - Handquilted - Green and Black by WhatItSeams

Spectacular soft greens, wouldn't you agree? I hope you've found some new favorite items and some new favorite shops!

In checking my calendar of upcoming features, I realized there was something fishy with tomorrow's theme... it's that lovely shade of light orangey pink we often call salmon. Salmon... fishy... get it?? okay, stop rolling your eyes and shaking your head - you have to admit it was a little bit punny! So take a couple minutes to search your shops for anything you might have in this great color - or any favorites that you might come across through the day from your favorite shops - and then come back and click here to e-mail me the link. And of course wait patiently until the day of the feature to find out if I selected your nomination to be showcased!

By the way, I spent some time last night filling out the rest of my schedule of features for the rest of August so shift your line of vision over to my right sidebar, click on "Be Featured" and if you have anything that fits any of the posted themes, don't wait to send them on over!

Enjoy your Thursday and get in gear for that fun-filled weekend that's coming up! I'd love to hear what you plans are!


Anne Quinn said...

Karen, it so beautiful and I thank you sincerely for adding my State Fair to your beautiful event.

Anne Quinn said...

We're celebrating our 49th wedding anniversary today...just wanted to pass that on to you, my dear friend.

mysticwynd said...

Awww... congratulations on 49 years of wedded bliss, Anne! May you have many, many more!! {hugs to you both}

Joanie said...


So exciting to see my handquilted baby quilt featured!
Such a sweet gesture on your part!
Many thanks!


daisyfleur said...

A lovely shade of green! Great selection of items.

ViKotas said...

I have always liked this soothing color. beautiful selection.

sophie said...

Dear Karen,

thank you for featuring my Wellspring beach glass necklace. That mint green is a beautiful color, isn't it? Makes me think of the beach, I wish I were there today.

What a lovely treasury! I like your puns too "In mint condition..." :-)

aubepine said...

I love these colors! Thank you so much for featuring my necklace!

QuirkynBerkeley said...

Beautiful choices. I love Aubepine's work especially.

eRiN said...

Just lovely, you have a great eye for color. My fave is aubepine's necklace - always adore her work!

~*Erin MacMahon*~

AlliesAdornments said...

Delightful selections!

IndyAndCleo said...

Such a soft and pretty mint palette! Aubepine's necklace is my fave here!! : )

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