Friday, August 6, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - SalmonChanted Evening 08.06.10

They say that including salmon twice weekly is good for your health - so consider today's feature of this enchanting color my contribution to your well being! In addition to being a tasty and healthy food fish, salmon is an awesome color that, depending on its shade, can be worn year round and compliments virtually every category of skin tone and hair color! In the home or office environment, it looks especially nice teamed with browns, provides a beautiful complement to navy blues, and can add a lovely accent to pale yellow color schemes. Think of all the way you could include this versatile and often overlooked color as you browse through my selections for today!

Perhaps you'd start off with this great shirtwaist dress from snapshotsvintage, teamed up with the new Bella bag by bayanhippo and these casual slingbacks from stpaulstreetvintage!

Whether you're feeling fun and funky, cool and classic, or just kind of middle of the road, define your attitude for the day by choosing from the many beautiful accessories that feature salmon colored components:

(l-r, top to bottom):
Mother Of Pearl Earrings from stringbeanstudios
Flower Brooch / Hair Pin from alatvian
Salmon Pink Necklace with Antique Silver Butterfly Clasp from madewithlovebykaren
Mini Salmon Steak - Sterling Silver Earrings from PetitPlat
Coral and Tan Flower with Beige Leaves Brooch from DesigningImpressions
Coral, Mauve and Raku Swirl Necklace and Bracelet Set from debbaworks

For those of you who prefer touches of salmon color in your environs, check out these beautiful pieces:

Unique Salmon/Terra Cotta Colored Tea Pot and Cups from scrapsistersvintage
Lady with Flamingo- digital collage/painting by FleurBonheur
Serving Bowl by juditavill

I hope you've enjoyed the salmon delights that I've served up for you today! Tomorrow I'll be here with a look at those "candles in the night" - Lighthouses! If you have some lighthouse themed items you'd like to see featured, just click here to e-mail me the link to the page of the shop where I can view it. Then stay tuned to find out if I selected your item to show off for you or your favorite shopowner!

I hope your weekend gets off to great start and that you have some fun activities planned, and maybe even SalmonChanted evenings! Take care 'til next time!


ViKotas said...

salmon is a wonderfully calming color. I got a kick out of the earrings.

Keri said...

Thank you for including my salmon colored mother of pearl earrings in your blog about the color and the food salmon. I agreee that it is an over looked color and that's too bad because it looks beautiful on so many people.

I'd like to offer your blog readers10% off on any salmon colored items in my shop. Even if it just plays a supporting role.

Thanks again!

mysticwynd said...

How generous of you, Keri!! I'm glad you liked the collection too!

Karen Hayne said...

Thanks for including me again I am honored I love pink in any shade!

vildan said...

What awonderful blog post! These are very beautiful!! Thanks so much for including my work here! :o)

::: PetitPlat Food Art ::: said...

oh, all those salmon colored items do look wonderful!
thanks for including my salmon earrings :)


Rita alias alatvian said...

Beautiful collection!

Thank you so very much for including my flower brooch!


Thanks!!! love it!

Allison The Imp said...

I absolutely love the serving bowl!

d3b...* said...

great selections! so pretty color...

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