Monday, August 9, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Apple of My Eye 08.09.10

Each year, National Apple Week is observed during the second week of August here in the US, so I thought I'd add to the celebration by showcasing just a few of the many, many apple themed items that are available from the handmade and vintage communities!

Before I begin my feature however, I thought I'd share one of my favorite rich and decadent recipes using apples! (Warning though - this is definitely not on the healthy eats menu!) I love taffy apples with their rich caramel, tart apples, and crunchy nut coating... and this taffy apple pie recipe makes it even easier to enjoy that flavor and texture combination without worrying about biting into the wooden stick or the apple core!

Taffy Apple Pie


* 2 cans Eagle Brand sweetened condensed (NOT evaporated) milk
* 3 large apples (I like to use one each granny smith, one golden delicious, and one braeburn)
* 2 tsp lemon juice
* 1 graham cracker crust pie shell
* Chopped peanuts for topping (I prefer the chopped nut topping)


Remove labels from cans of condensed milk. Place unopened in pot, cover with water and heat to boiling. Allow to boil for 3 hours. Make sure you add more water as it evaporates. Remove from heat after 3 hours and allow to become cool to touch or rinse under cool water. Place cans, still unopened, in refrigerator for 1 hour. Cut up apples but don't peel, just core, toss lightly with lemon juice to keep from browning. Place apple pieces into a deep bowl with cooled milk. (Milk may have the consistency of cream of mushroom soup, but as it mixes with the apples and sets, the consistency will become smoother) Spoon into pie shell and sprinkle with nuts. Allow to chill and set for at least one hour, but preferably overnight. Serve. Eat. Get seconds. Hide rest of pie from spouse and children - for their own health of course. Finish off pie in private.

If you like taffy apples, you'll love this pie! I also hope you love the pieces I've chosen to share with you today...and here they are :)

Little Green Apples was the title of a sweet romantic love song that was popular back in the 70's - and these little Green Apple Earrings in Copper from BeadWizzard are also sweet and romantic and just the most amazing shade of green - perfect for all of those August birthdays out there!

Don't Sit under the Apple Tree with Anyone Else But Me - an old Big Band classic popular during World War II just may have been the inspiration for this Vintage Handpainted Cookie Jar featuring apples and apple blossoms on some branches. Head on over to vintagenowandthen to see this and many more items that would be perfect with your vintage or retro decor!

One Bad Apple Don't Spoil the Whole Bunch, Girl... ahhh, Donny Osmond and the Osmond Brothers...a song that was popular during my school days! And speaking of school days, wouldn't this Apple a day for the Teacher quilt from QuiltSALAD make an amazing gratitude gift from your local PTO to the school that does so much for your young ones?

Tell the world that your little one is the apple of your eye by sending them off to school in this adorable custom fit Apple Hat from HatsForHumanity. Not only will your child look adorable, but another needy child will also receive a much needed hat for every hat that is purchased through this charity based shop!!

Almost 20 years ago, one of our local TV stations began honoring eight outstanding teachers each academic year with a Silver Apple award for excellence. Since excellence can takes many forms, from being an outstanding teacher to having kept that resolution to hitting the gym several days a week, what better way to reward yourself than with a special treat - like these darling Silver Apple Charm earrings from TheApple!

First there were tea cozies. Then there were Coke can cozies. Cell phone cozies and soap cozies...and, yes, you guessed it - apple cozies! Not only can you keep your fruit somewhat protected from bruising, but you have to admit that reaching into your lunch bag and pulling out something like this adorable Apple Cozy with its cute little lady bug from UnravelMe is just going to make you smile! Makes a sweet gift for your child's teacher or day care worker as well!

That's it for my apple cart today! Tomorrow I'll be spotlighting some Hunter Green items, so start sending me your matching items or your favorites from another shop so that I can start going thru them! If you follow me on Twitter or are a fan on Facebook and you happen to see one of my requests throughout the day for items, please don't hesitate to pass it along by retweeting or sharing it on FB! Getting the word out continues to be greatly appreciated :)

Take care and have a marvelous Monday!


Kim's Crafty Apple said...

Thanks so much for including my apple earrings! Ironically I own and operate an apple orchard with my family. Apples are crazy early this year and we've already been open for two weeks!

AND I carry some of UnravelMe's fantastic, whimsical Apple Cozy's at my store!

Thanks again!

KeriAnne said...

Wonderful post!
That apple recipe sounds devine!

eRiN said...

I cannot wait to try that recipe! I never let myself buy caramel apples cuz I'm afraid I'll loosen a tooth or something ^.^ so now I can make this pie instead! *drools on keyboard*

Great picks!

~*Erin MacMahon*~

Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

That recipe sounds great. Beautiful apple theme. Nice idea. Thanks for featuring the crazy pieced applique apple quilt.

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