Sunday, August 8, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - The Color Purple 08.08.10

Purple happens to be my favorite color! In the study of color and its effect on people, purple is the balance between the stimulation of red and the calming effect of blue. It is considered uplifting, and offers a senses of spirituality as well as encouraging creativity. Long considered the color of mystics (Merlin's robe was believed to be purple) and royalty, purple is very often the favorite color of both creative spirits and eccentric people. I guess I'd have to say I'm probably a little bit of both!

The dye used to create purple fabrics doesn't exactly have noble origins, however. Tyrian purple, as it is called, is secreted by the mucus glands of a tropical sea snail called the murex. In ancient times, it required 250,000 of these shellfish to produce one ounce of Tyrian dye, making it costly to produce and at one point this dye was worth even more than gold!

Purple is much more prevalent nowadays of course, and I can vouch for the fact that a lot of creative people choose this color as their favorite, if I take into account all of my friends on Etsy and in the handmade community whose favorite color is purple! If it's not yours, I'm hoping to win you over with some of these gorgeous purple items today...

(Top to bottom; Left to Right)

1st Row:
Sugarplum Fairy - Antiqued copper necklace with hummingbird and amethyst from eri059
Vintage 70s Simplicity 5424 MOD Mini Dress from sandritocat
Team In Training Market Bag from ArianaJaquysh

2nd Row:
Purple and Green Facial Cloths in a Green Glass Dish from crochetedbycharlene
Delicious Blueberry Pie Streusel Crunch Sexy Bread from SexyStitches
Dainty Amethyst Ring by DesignsByKari

3rd Row:
Purple rain scarf by IsabellesAttic
Purple Viola Pansy Earth Light by paperplanet
Pleated Jumper Skirt from missbrache

4th Row:
Reverie in Indigo Necklace from MysticWynd
Ceramic Tile Coasters Set of Four-Deer Wildlife from naturepoet
Purple and clear glass chandelier hoops from tmeddie04

[sigh] Aren't they simply wonderful? I can't imagine a world without purple. I hope you're convinced as well! Tomorrow's feature has an apple theme, so please send me your apple themed items or your favorites from another shop, and I'll be happy to take a look at them and possibly feature them here tomorrow! Just click here to e-mail me the link to the page of the shop where I can view them. Then join me here on Monday for a look at all things apple!

Enjoy your Sunday, and see you soon!


ViKotas said...

lovely collection.....nice variety. I especially like the amethyst ring

Toni at Satin Stitchery said...

wow, what a terrific collection. I love them all, but especially the scarf.

Mary said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. Purple is indeed a wonderful color. Thanks for featuring my deer coasters along with all the other items.

firstgrade said...

That is such a lovely collection of purple. Each one is gorgeous. Thank you so much for featuring me! You are so kind.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collection! Thank you for including my TNT market bag...

Elle said...

Purple is my favorite color too! I love that jumper skirt. Can't wait to lose some weight so I can get in it! LOL

eRiN said...

OoO, lovely! My all-time favorite color, so I'm happy to be featured in this post :) Thank you for including my necklace!


~*Erin MacMahon*~

aubepine said...

So beautiful and vibrant! Love the hummingbird and amethyst necklace!

IndyAndCleo said...

Love purple, and I love hummingbirds, so . . . LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sugarplum Fairy necklace!! So sweet!!

Holli said...

I love purple. Even as a kid growing up (my sheets where even purple).
Love the jumper and scarf.
Only bummer is the lack of purple with gadgets. I've noticed last few years more companies are making their gadgets color choices to include purple but not as much as pink, blue, and green. Or is it just me?

The Decorative Bee said...

I love purple! What a beautiful collection!

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