Saturday, July 17, 2010

Color Wheel of Fortune 07.17.10

Mustard yellow is today's featured color - and there is quite a bit of it out on Etsy, especially as a component of a kaleidescope of color in some items! It lends itself well to pairings with grey, brown, rust, black, white, and even the deeper richer purples.

Today's featured selections will hopefully show some of that versatility since only one of these items is a solid mustard yellow. I hope you like my choices!

If you like country primitive, you'll love these vintage throw pillow covers from Shoptastic. Featuring a rooster and a horse silhouette in white and taupe, these would go nicely in your family room or even as accent pieces for a hallway bench.

Lilac saloon has taken a new slant on the old theme of wallflowers - except these Wallflowers from LilacSaloon aren't being shy, they're a bold and beautiful style of wall decor that love to be noticed! I think these would look great in just about any space!

What are your PURSEonaliTIES ? Neenie on Etsy has come up with the great idea of creating great little purses out of men's neckties - how unique is that? This One's a Real Corker features a wine themed print (with mustard yellow wine bottle labels, of course!) with a front flap that's embellished with - yep, that's right, a cork from a wine bottle! How fun would this be to take along to a party or wine tasting?!?

So that's my take on how mustard is used as more than a condiment! Hope you enjoyed my choices. Tomorrow's color is deep charcoal grey, so if you have anything in your shop that uses this color or you have a favorite item from another shop that does, click here to e-mail me the link and I'll check it out. You can see a larger sample of this color as well as future colors that I'll be featuring by clicking on the "Be Featured" link in the right sidebar. Oh, and be sure to pass the word about this fun opportunity to be featured on this blog and get those SEO-important linkbacks! Speaking of charcoal, I'm heading out to a birthday party/cookout for my middle grandson's 1st birthday - hope you have a fun day as well!


Megan V said...

Thank you so much for the great feature of my Wallflowers! Mustard is one of the best colors, isn't it?? Beautiful blog and beautiful shop you have!

Marcia said...

thank you for featuring my pillow covers, also!
It's a great idea to write about and feature different colors!

I look forward to following and reading about other colors in your blog :)

Cheryl Nocera said...

Thank you so much for showing and talking a bit about my PURSEonaliTIES. They are fun to make and this one is one of my favs.
Your blog is interesting and the color idea is a winner!

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