Sunday, July 18, 2010

Color Wheel of Fortune 07.18.10

Not quite black, this deep charcoal grey is the perfect color for people who either need something a little softer than jet black or simply prefer not to wear a pure black. Remembering that charcoal is more than a just a color tho, you'll see items that show three vastly different portrayals of charcoal grey!

Back in the day, jumpsuits were all the rage, and it's great to see them making their way back into today's styles - especially when they're as beautiful as this Hemp Linen Jumpsuit from Pretty Birdie by StephanieTeague! I absolutely love this design!

The artistry of working with charcoal doesn't rely on color to draw the attention of the viewer. It relies on composition, context, and perspective to create its dramatic, yet at the same time subtle, beauty. Charcoal Nude Figure drawing, No. 3 from Artand expresses this subtleness beautifully and tastefully, with the suggestion of its lines and shading producing a fluid and almost ethereal quality.

Activated charcoal (charcoal which has been treated to increase its absorptive properties) is becoming more and more popular in the skin care industry. Soaps like BathLife's BlackStar Facial Soap with Activated Charcoal and Avocado Butter help draw impurites out of the skin, deeply cleansing pores and helping to protect the skin from environmental grime, while mosturizing to keep your skin fresh, soft, and blemish free!

Hope you enjoyed the variety in my selections today! Tomorrow's color is a mocha brown, so if you have anything in your shop that uses this color or you have a favorite item from another shop that does, click here to e-mail me the link and I'll check it out. You can see a larger sample of this color as well as future colors that I'll be featuring by clicking on the "Be Featured" link in the right sidebar. And yes, I'll say it again - be sure to pass the word about this fun opportunity to be featured on this blog and get those SEO-important linkbacks!

Enjoy your Sunday and be sure to stop by some of these wonderful shops!

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