Saturday, July 10, 2010

Color Wheel of Fortune 07.10.10

When I first saw today's featured color on my monitor, I thought "piece of cake... there's got to be LOTS of this color out there!" Hmmm... well, there probably would have been more if most people could decide exactly what the color was. I received submissions that ran the gamut from dark beige to rusty orange and every shade in between. The bottom line was that I had quite a few items to select from once I took a good look at some of the items in your shops! I hope you like my choices - I'll admit it was hard narrowing them down! In fact, it was so hard, that I'm going to feature four items instead of three :)

You may have seen this shop before on my blog or in one of my treasuries... but then, if you know me at all, you know I love old world crafts. Emily from NothingButString creates her wares with the fine art of Irish crochet and Cooper Mountain Mist is a lovely faux chainmail bracelet created with Irish crochet loops in purple, green, and copper mist. (I think I've decided that's a great name for today's featured color!) Isn't it a grand piece of old world style updated perfectly for today's fresh themes?

Maybe you'd like to create your own piece of crafty goodness. If so, and knitting or crocheting is your bag, then you're in luck. Crochetgal has this wonderful Vickie Howell Organic Cotton and Milk Fiber Craft yarn, in a shade they call Candi. Come to think of it, today's color does kind of remind me of caramel candy - guess the name fits!

Desert Wave Sand... just one of TiltCreations' entries for today's color feature, this bag is roomy and constructed to hold up to the stresses of daily use. And since Theresa is in the midst of some projects around the house as well as getting ready to introduce some great new items, this wonderful bag is also on sale! (Along with some other great items in her shop!)

Owls seem to be a popular topic in handmadeland as of late, so when I saw this Red Phase Eastern Screech Owl --Original Photo Greeting Card at catcanpaint, I knew I'd be featuring more than 3 items today. Catherine (Cat) is best known for her wonderful paintings of owls and cats, but in addition to being a talented artist, she is also a raptor (bird of prey) handler in her home state of Wisconsin for the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center's Sky Hunters Birds of Prey program and offers some beautiful items featuring her raptor photography. In fact, she is graciously donating 5% of her sales to this program which provides a safe haven and care for raptors that have been injured or for other reasons are not releasable into the wild. Isn't this a beautiful bird? (Please remember that all images are copyrighted!)

Well, there you have it... or should I say them. My choices for today's Color Wheel of Fortune Feature. Tomorrow's feature color is a deep iceberg blue (at least it's close to the iceberg blue listed on Wikipedia!) So if you have any items in your shop that feature this color or would like to nominate something from someone else's shop, click here to e-mail me the link to it and I'll check it out. The hex code for this color is - #5D96AA and here it is! Now spread the word and I'll see you here again tomorrow!


TiLT said...

I am glad I didn't have to name the color :P

thanks for featuring my bag :)

crochetgal said...

This is such a hard colour to name! Not quite tan, and not quite sand.

cabbingrough said...

I'm so addicted to this now - excited to see the next color's items!!!

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