Sunday, July 11, 2010

Color Wheel of Fortune 07.11.10

I'm so excited about all of the new shops I'm being introduced to thanks to this feature! I've always thought Etsy was a place where you could find virtually anything, but I must admit it's even better than I thought it was before! The community is wonderful as well - I'm so pleased that you're nominating shop items from other shops - it's just so heartwarming to see others who want their fellow Etsians to have a moment in the spotlight! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Well, today's feature color is this somewhat iceberg blue, somewhat dusky teal shade - and leave it to you guys to direct me to some great pieces! In no particular order, my selections for today attest to the wide selection of items available in the handmade and vintage arenas! Here they are:

This Hand Smocked, Hand Embroidered Girls Dress titled "The Swimming Lesson" features a tiny heart and leaf pattern in white against a teal background. As the description indicates, the dress is hand smocked and hand embroidered with a whimsical scene of a young duck's first swimming lesson. A dress like this would be a treasured heirloom to hand down from mother to daughter for generations to come! It's available at rabbitwhiskers on Etsy.

Arrr... No, I'm not groaning... that happens to be the name of this nifty little pirate fantasy art magnet from aquariann. This is just a head shot however, the magnet actually features a full length representation of an original colored pencil work by fantasy artist Kristen Cornell (aka aquariann). Johnny Depp's got nothing on this pirate, me matey! This print is also currently available as a bookmark too :)

My last choice is this awesome Vintage Teal Straw Button Hat with Veil, which comes to us from GeneralWhimsy2. I was just a little tyke when these hats were popular, and I remember my mother and grandmother sporting a couple that were pretty similar to this one. Of course, Jackie (then Kennedy) Onassis, wife of our 35th president, John F. Kennedy, was probably one of the greatest influences in the rise of the popularity of the pillbox hat, as it was one of her favorite styles. It's nice to see that the fashion cycles continue to repeat themselves and that these hats are once again making a striking fashion statement!

Tomorrow's featured color will be this lovely shade of what I would consider a deep indian red - not quite a brick, but close! Again, if you would - please click here to e-mail me the link to your item or an item you'd like to nominate from another shop and I'll check it out. The hex code for this color is - #AB615C. Looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful suggestions. In the meantime - Happy Sunday!

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rabbitwhiskers said...

I enjoyed reading your blog very much! You have a wonderful way of introducing a variety of shops & items and I especially love the excerpt from your poem, "The Mystic Wynd" Thank-you so much for including my smocked dress in your teal collection!

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