Friday, July 9, 2010

(Color) Wheel of Fortune 07.09.10

Today's featured color is this lovely shade of violet - and I have to say I was thrilled with how many people offered purple items to be featured today, since purple is my favorite color! I also appreciate all of the people who are helping by spreading the word about my new blog features - slowly but surely, newcomers are finding out about it, which is wonderful because it allows me to promote shops that I've never come across before and hopefully introduce you to some great new shops as well!

I've got a unique cross section today, in that my choices include one item that is vintage, one that is handmade, and one that is a supply! I think I'll present them in that order... and to those of you that submitted your violet items and didn't get selected, thank you - and remember that each day will bring a new color, so you'll have plenty more chances!

Alrighty - on to our vintage item...

Shrimpsaladcircus always has some great vintage items, so I was really happy to see Lindsay's submission and even more so when I opened the link she had included. Voila! I knew I had my first feature item! Graphic grape is the name she's given to this great little convertible clutch and It's just an amazing shade of purple. For all of you purple-lovers out there who appreciate vintage chic, this is one item you shouldn't pass up!

Now for the handmade item... sometimes I spend so much time promoting other shops that I have to stop and remember that I have a shop to promote too! So, in one of those rare moments, I'd like to share my Reverie in Indigo Necklace with you! It features a lovely violet resin rose, purple glass pearls and some unique black and purple glass beads against lovely antiqued brass metals. It's one of my favorite pieces, what with it being purple and all! You can find it along with the rest of my collection of goodies at my shop, MysticWynd.

And last, but by no means least - the supply. Since most of my work is currently jewelry, I'm always on the lookout for interesting and beautiful items that I could use to create a special piece for someone. One thing I enjoy working with (and I'm hoping to post more of this type of work online as opposed to just selling them at shows) is jewelry featuring natural stone cabochons. They can be wire-wrapped, surrounded by smaller beads for a beautiful composite piece, mounted in settings, or used in any other way that sets off their often unique beauty. This beautiful Hand Cut Freeform Burro Creek Agate Cabochon actually came from the Sonoran Desert as a rough stone and was hand cut by Laura at cabbingrough on Etsy. Why agate? Well, as the listing says "Agate creates an appreciation of nature, provides abundance, soothes emotions and nurtures love. [It] Relieves stress, gives protection and increases courage. It is believed to create hope, optimism, positive thinking, and makes us more easygoing." Can't we all use a little of that? This piece has gorgeous purple and mauve hues!

So, those were my choices for today's features. The next color to be featured belongs to hex code #CC986A and if I had to come up with a name for it (with all the colors available for most monitors nowadays, only a small portion have official names!) - I'd have to say it was a deep tawny peachy suntan beige. Here it is... now after you're done looking through the shops I've featured today, show me what you have from your own shop or one of your favorite shops that matches tomorrow's feature color! Go ahead now, scoot! ;)


Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Thanks so much for including my grape clutch!!!

- Lindsay

crochetgal said...

I always enjoy your colour selections... always interesting!

TiLT said...

Great grapes!

I'm taking you up on the show me...
This bag is the right color...on my screen anyway :P

this one too...pretty much...

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