Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Imagine the Possibilities - A BESTeam Feature

It's my pleasure today to introduce you to the "Queen Bee" of JuJuBee Jewelry Designs (julessabjewelry) on Etsy, Julessa Barnes - whose philosophy is that if you can imagine a possibility in a jewelry piece, she can bring it to life! Julessa's designs incorporate a variety of materials including sterling silver, gemstones, pearls, crystals, and organic materials with a hearty dose of imagination and inspiration.

Using a varied repertoire of techniques such as twisting, bending, beading, hammering, and torching, Julessa creates a lovely selection of wearable art from raw materials. As I browsed through her shop, I realized that trying to select just a few favorites for this feature was not going to be an easy task since she has so many unique and beautiful designs. The first one that caught my eye was this Heart Hammered Fine Silver Bracelet - I just love the hammered sterling silver hearts and the versatility and simplicity of the design.

How many times have you longed for the versatility of earrings that can make the change from an understated daytime look to dramatic evening flair? Julessa's line of Day-to-Night interchangeable earrings may be the answer for you! I've selected this set - Day-to-Night Mint Pearls and Emerald - to illustrate the ease of going from a more conservative daytime design to gorgeous nighttime glam by simply switching out the tabbed drop. How easy is that?

In my humble opinion, nothing exudes classic sophistication like pearls... and today's shimmery glass pearls offer an array of colors to suit anyone's preferences. Designs in soft shades, like this Mauve and Me Necklace with Sterling Silver wrapped faux pearls, add a delicate touch of color while retaining the naturally delicate tones of true pearls... and the princess length is perfect with most necklines.

Julessa can also be found on Facebook and Twitter, and she even manages to find time to share some of her life on her blog, JuJuBee Jewelry Designs (check out the photos of her great new studio!). Drop by and say hi, check out some of the great features and special offers you'll find there, as well as getting first peeks at all of her great products!

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