Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Best of Bits 'n Beads - A BESTeam Feature

Bits 'n Beads (Gilliauna on Etsy) is a wonderful emporium filled with a marvelous medley of color and quality. Whether you're looking for a splash of sparkle and color to brighten up your look or an accessory like a lanyard or eyeglass chain that's both beautiful and functional, or perhaps a bookmark or rosary as a gift for someone special, I encourage you to stop by this shop and check out Gilliauna's great selections!

Religious jewelry and accessories very often hold a special meaning for their owners - They can be a reminder of a special celebration, a source of hope in times of trial, and a symbol of faith to share with the world, so when a rosary is as beautiful and well made as Gilliauna's Handmade Rosary - Mother of Pearl - Sea and Sand, you'll know you've found a piece that will serve it's purposes well for a long time to come, and hopefully become a cherished keepsake of faith. Truly a beautiful and inspiring piece! This design features lovely mother-of-pearl beads and disks contrasted with the warmth of antiqued bronze components and metal.

When I was a member of the rat race working in corporate America, like so many others, I was required to wear a security badge whenever I was on site, and I personally love beaded lanyards as a way to add a bit of style and flair to this company requirement - much better than some of those tacky ribbon clad advertisements that many companies pass off as lanyards! Gilliauna's Bits 'n Beads has a great selection of lanyards in a variety of colors and beads to suit your needs and looks. This beautiful Beaded Badge Lanyard - Tianlong, inspired by China and a theme of red and black, is a dramatic and bold statement that will draw compliments in any office environment.

I'm sure you'll be impressed with the diversity of designs available at Bits 'n Beads, and that diversity can also be found on Gilliauna's blogs, Handmade Shopping Guide - the Meandering Musings of a Consummate Shopper and Beautiful Artisan Designs on Bits 'n Beads by Gilliauna. Check out both as well as following her on twitter and facebook to get the latest in shop updates and new products!


Nina said...

Beautiful rosary - a modern twist on a classic style!

cadiwompus said...

I love your blog! Very nice feature!
- imcadiwompus.blogspot

Gilliauna said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful feature! *Smile*

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