Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When It Just "Clicks" - A BESTeam Feature

I had the good fortune to visit the Corning Museum of Glass in 2008 while visiting my step-kids in New York State and since my stepson had spent a couple of summers there as a tour guide, we not only got an excellent personal tour, we were able to meet a few of the glass artisans there and even opted to take part in a glass blowing adventure, and I'll admit that I was smitten... glass working is an amazing art, whether it's blown glass, fused glass, lampworking, or any of the other wonderful methods of creative expression with glass - so you can bet that I can understand the love and passion that Kei, of keiglass on Etsy must have felt when she realized that her spirit just "clicked" with glass working.

A lampworker who dabbles in fused glass, Kei has turned a portion of her garage into her glass studio, and with the majesty of the Colorado Rockies almost in her backyard, she spends her days expressing her creativity with the support of her husband and the companionship of her two dogs, Huxley and Karma.

keiglass is filled with a lovely variety of beautiful art glass pendants, brooches, earrings, accessories, and wind chimes - all of them one of a kind, and many of them bearing the names of places around the globe... alluding to Kei's love of world travel. Here are just a few of the pieces that I found especially alluring!

Inspired by the scenic home of cuckoo clocks and luscious chocolate cake topped with kirsch soaked cherries, Kei's Black Forest Pendant is a gorgeous piece of lampworked glass. My imagination allowed me to see the trunks of trees in the pendant background, their tops rustling in the night breeze, while a swiftly flowing stream swirls around in the foreground. What do you see in this magical piece?

I'm not positive which "Avon" was the inspiration for Kei's homage in this colorful pendant, but I envisioned the steps of an old English castle bathed in the rainbow of an afternoon rainstorm when I saw it. The pattern in this piece of dichroic glass features layered triangles along the right edge, offset by black glass along the left edge giving the illusion of a stairway swathed in blue mist. Quite mystical, and simply gorgeous!

The warm and sunny shores of the Mediterranean region inspire the warm colors and lively energy of these chic earrings aptly and simply named Mediterranean. Sparkly reds, yellows, pinks, and oranges are contrasted by just a hint of shimmery Mediterranean blue for a look that is both vibrant and versatile! I love them - don't you?

There are many more beautiful pieces in Kei's store, and I would encourage you to take a few minutes to browse through them at keiglass on Etsy. I would also recommend Kei's blog, glassy kei, for a look into Kei's world of glassmaking as well as some wonderful features and reviews. It's been a pleasure featuring Kei this week and I hope you've all enjoyed my glimpse into this lovely shop. Til next time...happy shopping!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces, and each one is so different -- thanks for sharing this discovery!

laughingfridge said...

I love kei's work, she's an amazing glass artist!

JujuBee Jewelry Designs said...

I adore her work. It's always so colorful and vibrant!

Johnnie said...

I Kei's work is awsome

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