Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where the Boys Are Part 2

Happy Thursday! For today's shopping trip, I'm sticking with the toys for our (adult) boys theme and decided to go window shopping looking for items that I thought might appeal to my own "boy" - my husband Al - the Great Wizard of Odd. You have to know him well to really appreciate Al's personality, likes and dislikes, and above all - really weird sense of humor. He grew up in his father's restaurant business, travelled the world as a network engineer, loves to read and learn about pretty much everything (but especially history and science - fiction, fantasy, and fact) and has a penchant for practical jokes. (Although I still say I'm the better practical jokester!) So... today I looked for things that I thought might appeal to him, or man-boys like him!

I'm not sure why, (well, maybe I but I could imagine Al terrorizing some of his coworkers and even our friends with this Cockroach USB Flash Drive from stexe on Etsy. Definitely one of the more unusual items on Etsy, but it just goes to show that there is something for everyone there!

This next item I chose because it is a saying that tends to be bandied about our castle when one of us is doing something that the other one is being a bit nosey about (like wrapping presents or working on surprises), so of course it was an easy choice! This "Meddle Thee Not in the Affairs of Dragons For Thou Art Crunchy and Wouldst Be Tasty With Ketchup" sign from CountryWorkshop would go perfectly in our medieval castle master suite along with the other 50 or so dragon related items we have making a home there!

My final choice brings the thought that "turnabout is fair play" to mind... you see, one of Al's favorite gifts to give others is a nice impossible-to-solve puzzle - in fact an order of 7 of them arrived today that will have some of our friends and all of his kids cursing him before the holiday season is over! I've yet to see him receive a puzzle that he couldn't figure out though - we have a great collection of the hardest tavern puzzles, wood puzzles, and entanglement puzzles, but he manages to solve them all in less time than he should. Me? I stick to jigsaws and word and number puzzles. One type of puzzle I haven't seen him solve yet is a puzzle box. While the hardest known puzzle box has over 320 steps - and at a cost of around $950 is still a bit outside of my budget - this Nineteen Step Puzzle Box from Boxnmor probably would keep Al (or your favorite puzzle pundit) busy for a little while and it might be a great starting point in building his skills!

Well, that wraps up my shopping trip for today - I'm going to spend one more day on the boys, and then I 'll get back to more generalized gift themes so be sure to keep coming back for more!

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Pat said...

Good Morning...

Just wanted to thank you for featuring my Dragon sign. May your castle always be a wonderful place to dwell.


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