Friday, December 4, 2009

Where the Boys Are Part 3

Today I decided to seek out more traditional gifts for our menfolk - with a playful or unique twist to them! I'll have to say it was not an easy task because there is a wonderful selection to choose from and with all of the different themes to choose from, narrowing my choices down to a select few was a chore. The items I'm sharing with you are some of the best of the best, but of course that is in my humble opinion - but I hope you'll think so too!

Ties... I can hear Al groaning now - he hates the few occasions where he has to wear a tie. In fact, in the 5 1/2 years that I've known him, I've seen him in a tie exactly once...and that lasted about an hour, until all of the other guys at the business dinner started shedding theirs too. I personally love the look of a guy in a suit and tie, and I really think ties are a great opportunity for men to show off a little bit of their personalities and personal style... and can be a great conversation starter! With a shop subtitle of "Ties That Don't Suck", Cyberoptix Tie Lab - otherwise known as toybreaker on Etsy, ended up being my shop of choice. Ties should not suck - and theirs definitely don't. I picked their Gear Shift - 6 Speed manual transmission Screenprinted microfiber necktie to display here since I don't think I've ever met a man who didn't have a love affair with cars, but if you're in the market for a tie, check out their amazing collection of themes!

Next up, I went hunting for wallets... and let me say that there are a LOT of wallets on Etsy! From hand tooled leather to duct tape and every material in between, there are bifolds, trifolds, biker and trucker type wallets, card cases, and man bags, passport folders and just about any other configuration you could want! Since I'm trying to keep this fun and as somewhat personal, I picked this Power ) Bifold Wallet from QuietDoing to share with you here. I like it because it's pretty basic, somewhat trendy, and is visually appealing - and of course looks very well made!

A lot of guys (and gals too!) form an attachment with their writing implements... and for them, what could be more thoughtful than a lovely pen and pencil set that will personalize their writing implements as their own?!? I found this beautiful Set of Spalted Maple Wood Pen, Pencil, and Letter Opener at avintageflair. Definitely beautiful and I'm guessing pretty one-of-a-kind, I think it would make a wonderful traditional gift for one of the guys in your life!

Thanks for shopping with me today... I'm still working on a theme for tomorrow's shopping spree, so suggestions are welcome! Happy Friday - hope your weekend gets off to a great start!


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