Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking for a Silver Lining

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and with the run of bad luck we seem to have had this year, I'm definitely in search of that mythical silver lining right about now. Just in the past two months, we've had appliance breakdowns and major auto repairs to contend with, not to mention what sometimes seems to be a litany of health issues to deal yesterday, when we had to rush our beloved Tibetan terrier, Trooper, to the vet, I hit a real low point.

After coming home from the Dr myself, I was on the phone with my mother to let her know that I would be having some surgery in mid December when my hubby yelled to me that I needed to hang up NOW - there was an emergency. I hurried into the living room to see Troop standing near his kennel with a puddle of bloody fluid under him. His bleeding issues, which have since been determined to be some form of auto-immune disorder causing his body to destroy his blood cells and platelets, are causing him to bleed and bruise pretty extensively. We're being hopeful that between the immuno-suppressants, steroids, antibiotics, and other sundry meds that it'll be able to be reversed or controlled, but right now the little guy is laying in his bed under Al's desk in a sorry state, looking very forlorn. We're looking pretty forlorn ourselves...

So, I'm looking for a silver lining, and praying for a break - and some sales to help with the added medical expenses. Anyone who has pets knows how expensive veterinary care is, and at this point, it's still sensible to give Trooper a chance to respond to this regimen... so, our cloudy day may just be your silver lining. I'll be offering some great daily deals in my shop at Mysticwynd to try to offset the vet bills... and I'm also offering free shipping worldwide through the end of the year!

I wondered what I might find on Etsy if I searched for silver linings - and of course I wasn't disappointed! So, today's theme for my virtual shopping trip is just that - silver linings - and these are all beauties! Enjoy! (and say a little prayer for our little trooper, Trooper!)

on Etsy had this lovely la pochette chic in SILVER LINING , a beautiful zippered clutch that would look great with just about any ensemble!

This sterling silver and heishi pearl Silver Lining Ring from MikeandMary is really sweet - a striking example of metalsmithing in the Neo-Modern style!

Last, but certainly not least is a Limited Edition Art Print - SILVER LINING- by Robert David Bretz (Copyright © 2009 Paint All Night Studios) of paintallnightstudios . I can really relate to being caught in the rain with my puppy today!

Happy Friday - hope your weekend is a great one!


UberArt said...

Poor Trooper. I hope the medication will help and he will be healed. Hang in there! I hope your silver lining appears soon!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I hope you find your silver lining :)
My parent's dog has I understand the cost of caring for a dog! Hope Trooper is all better soon!

Here's to hoping the ring I just bought is the start of many sales coming your way :)

Bob said...

Poor thing...I hope that everything works out for Trooper

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Wow - hang in there! I know what it's like when everything hits all at once - I hope you find your silver lining. *HUGE HUGS* and PRAYERS!

storybeader said...

oh goodness! Poor Trooper, and the family! Think of it as all the bad news is behind you, and now your actively doing something about it. Many of us here can sympathize about doctor and vet bills. All of us will be wishing you find your silver lining in the days to come. {:-Deb

Splendid Little Stars said...

keeping you in my thoughts and heart...

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