Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Picklish Situation

Dill Pickles, bread and butter pickles, sweet gherkins, sour pickles, half-sour pickles, pickle relish, being in a pickle, even kool-aid pickles - can you tell it's National Pickle Day and I've got myself in a picklish situation?

And of course, Etsy has its share of pickles and pickle themed items, so I headed there to see what I could find. The imagination and ingenuity of my fellow Etsians never ceases to amaze me - I hope you enjoy my selections!

If you love big ol' crunchy dill pickles and want to let the world know it, stop by seahagandwalrus and pick up a pair of these fun and funky Let's Get Pickled earrings. (A matching pin and keychain are also available!)

This next item intrigued me a bit, but then I am a pickle lover - in fact, just like my daughter, I spent most of my pre-teen years wolfing down pickles by the jarful! I blame my dad for introducing me to pickles at an early age :) So, what do you get for your favorite pickle afficianado? Pickle soap of course. MollycoddleSoap features In a Pickle Soap, lightly scented with dill and vegan friendly (of course!) and if you ask me, they look pretty darn close to the real thing!

Craving the savory flavor of your favorite pickled cucumber yet? Head on over to sardineandanchovy and check out their great selection of pickles and other pickled veggies. These happen to be their Organic Spicy Garlic Dill Pickles, which sound yummy to me, but they also have some other great choices, as well as a "choose your own" sampler pack. What a great idea!

Before I forget, thanks to all of the well-wishers who are sending good thoughts Trooper's way... he's still hanging in there and if I had to voice an opinion one way or another, I think there's been a little bit of a positive response to the meds, but it's really too soon to tell. He definitely is a pain in the neck about conforming to his treatment plan! I do appreciate your concern tho - we should have a better idea by Tuesday as to what course this thing is taking. Thanks again for the well-wishes...

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Debsparkles said...

Great post, I think I need some pickle earrings to wear to work at the Cafe LOL

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