Friday, January 20, 2012

Mystery Solved

On Monday of this week, I introduced a new little bit of fun with my Monday Mystery Theme. You were invited to guess the answer to a "who is it" based on the clues given, and today, I'm revealing the answer.

The mystery person was singer/songwriter Neil Diamond. Now to explain the clues a little bit.

1. He wrote the song "I'm a Believer" which went on to be a huge hit for the pop rock group The Monkees and more recently Smash Mouth (along with Eddie Murphy) for the Shrek soundtrack.

2. Caroline Kennedy was the inspiration for Neil's 1969 hit "Sweet Caroline", a song that continues in popularity with young and old alike.

3. While attending Abraham Lincoln High School (the high school he received his diploma from), Neil was part of the school's fencing team. His swordsmanship was good enough to garner him a fencing scholarship to NYU.

4. Neil was born on January 24, 1941 in the Coney Island area of Brooklyn, where his parents owned a small clothing store.

5. He attended Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn for his first two years of High School.

6. The soundtrack for the 1973 release film Jonathon Livingston Seagull, was written and performed by Neil Diamond.

7. His album, Stones, released in 1971, was his third album to go gold, and contains the hit single, "I am, I said " which many of his fans feel defined the mood of a generation.

Thank you to those of you who ventured a guess at the mystery theme. Check back Monday for another mystery theme.


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