Saturday, January 21, 2012

6 on Saturday - Edition 9

Every Saturday, I have the pleasure of featuring new, undiscovered and underdiscovered shops on Etsy in the spirit of community and to share some great new talent and finds with you all. I find them in all kinds of ways - browsing for items, reading the forums, and even having them suggested by the shopowners themselves or through other people who bring them to my attention. I'm happy to share these great shops with you, and hopefully give them a little leg-up on their entrepreneurial journey!

Let's take a look at today's 6 on Saturday :)

The shop announcement for my first featured shop really gets their mission across perfectly -
The Needle Palace was created to keep your needles in lovely ,organized place so you can spend more time doing what you love, not looking for needles!
Isn't that what crafting is all about, after all? Enjoying your craft, not trying to tame it! Shopowner and craftswoman Jodi offers a small but beautiful selection of handmade standard and circular knitting needle organizers, as well as project totes in a variety of sizes. So if you love to knit and would like to spend more time knitting rather than taming your project, head on over to TheNeedlePalace and get organized!

Next up is Eva Barkman's shop, AliveWithColor.  Eva calls Ashtabula, Ohio "home" and while you may already be familiar with her other shop, BohemianIce, where she shares her talents in jewelry design, this Ohian has expanded her love of nature, photography, and digital design to share her world, which is truly AliveWithColor. You'll find original fine art, prints, digitally altered art, greeting cards and other goodies that express her view of the natural world. I love naturescapes and florals because of their versatility - from home to office and pretty much everywhere, you can't go wrong with this type of art.

Our furry friends like to look fashionable too, and now your pet can do it in comfort as well thanks to PetPosies. Inspired by a chance encounter with a dog wearing an uncomfortable plastic adornment, the mother and son team behind PetPosies developed the adorable accessories they now offer in their shop. Of course, their posies aren't limited to use by just pets - they easily convert to people posies as well!  With themes running the gamut from everyday simple to holiday fun, you'll find yourself wanting more than one!

Another midwesterner, Mel (Melinda) from SissysSpinnings makes her home in Charlestown, Indiana, where she admits to being a confirmed fiber addict. In addition to hand dyed wools from sheep and alpacas, she also offers angora fiber which she obtains from her three angora bunnies, as well as some yarns, spinning tools and even a few already made items. If you love yarn and are looking for something slightly different, stop by and check out SissysSpinnings!

Life throws us curve balls at times, and we can either give in and give up, or learn to use our talents to stay in the game.  My friend Renee, of MovableArt is working hard to stay in the game. Her biggest curve ball was thrown by a drunk driver several years ago, leaving her in a wheelchair and with a whole new way of life to learn due to her extensive injuries, but I can honestly say I don't think I've ever known anyone as determined to succeed and learn and cherish life as this lovely lady. Having learned how to paint as a child in her job in a leather shop, she continues to share her talents for combining color, texture, and form in her shop. Using cast off components, upcycling elements to give them new life, and fashioning whatever she can get her hands on into something useful and beautiful - one of her "light creations" - she gets her inspirations from her heavenly Father's light. Renee's artistry is unique, eco-friendly, and inspiring. I hope you'll take a moment to browse through her shop and perhaps find something special that touches your heart and spirit.

And of course, I had to include a vintage shop - and my pick for today is RedwoodVintage. I like my vintage shops like I like most shops - with a good variery and cross section of goods, so i can have fun discovering new treasures.  RedwoodVintage has clothes and accessories, housewares and collectibles... and I think shopowner Ashley Duval has a great eye for items that are appealing and interesting. Stop by and give this shop some love - you may just find something from the past that you'd love to add to your future!

That's it for this "6 on Saturday" feature. As always, if you're just starting out or know of a shop that is and would enjoy a feature, introduce me to the shop and you may find it featured in one of my future 6 on Saturday features. Use the "Contact Me" option in the menu bar at the top of the page and send me the links!

Best of luck to these un- and underdiscovered shops - and happy shopping to you all!!



memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great features! Love the photography!

Rose said...

Awesome shops! I can't believe how good all of their photos are.

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