Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday's Focus - Into the Woods

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It's Friday and that means it's time for a Friday's Focus feature. Today's theme selector is Edi Royer of Memories For Life Scrapbooks on Etsy.

I've known Edi for a couple years now, having first been introduced to her and her shop when I joined the Etsybloggers team back in 2009. Back then, Memoriesforlifesb was a fun little shop filled with adorable scrapbooks and photo albums that were handcut and assembled painstakingly and artistically.

Like any artistic soul, Edi has found ways to evolve her creativity and talent and today, her shop still has those adorable scrapbooks and photo albums along with some other great paper products like earring cards - and with the purchase of a laser engraver, she's expanded her creativity to offer two new product lines. The first is her beautiful and sophisticated laser engraved glassware and barware like those shown below:

The second is a truly enchanting selection of laser engraved wood products that will capture your "Memories for Life." Since Edi has gone *into the woods* in her crafting, she's selected woods as the theme for this Friday's Focus. Before I share some of my other favorite woodcrafted items on Etsy, let me share some of my favorites from Edi's shop -

I can hardly wait to see what Edi comes up with next!  For now though, I'm going to take on her theme and head "Into the Woods"!

With the steady parade of teething grandchildren over the last 6 years, I'm always interested in great new ideas for teething toys.  While wooden teething toys actually aren't new, they're regaining popularity lately as a safe and eco-friendly way to soothe those little gums. LittleSaplingToys offers some awesome wooden teethers in addition to their other eco-friendly wood products, and I think this little bunny teether is simply adorable and perfect for those chubby little hands.
Wood Teether Bunny from littlesaplingtoys

DolceHome offers some lovely wood kitchen and home wares, many of which are created from wood harvested from their family land as part of a sustainable forestry clean up project. Since I never use the same one for more than one category of food in a single meal prep, I always feel like I never have enough cutting boards - especially with the holiday feasts coming up. This sturdy solid cherry wood cutting board looks amazingly capable of standing up to many, many years of use - and I think you'll find the rest of their products show a similar type of quality!

Solid Cherry Wood Cutting Board by DolceHome

I'm not sure why, but I love natural edged turned wood bowls... and since I also love maple trees, having grown up among these beauties, when I came across this gorgeous Texas Sugar Maple Natural Edged Wood Bowl at NELSONWOOD, it was love at first sight :)  Wouldn't this look fantastic on a mantle or kitchen shelf or bookcase?

Texas Sugar Maple Natural Edged Wood Bowl by NELSONWOOD

I had run across CelesteLambert a while back when I was looking for wood items for a treasury, and I still think she has the best selection of wood bracelets I've seen on Etsy. My current favorite from this shop is this contemporary Zebra Wood Bracelet. Isn't it stunning?

Zebra Wood Bracelet from CelesteLambert

I'll admit my last piece is a wee bit of a fantasy choice for me, but I had to share it.  I won't go into all of the details that Gary "Wiz" Burns from TreeWiz shared in his description, because I really want you to read the whole thing. Suffice it to say that Mr. Burns is an extraordinarily talented wood carver - but this amazing carving definitely speaks for itself! (Yes, those are dancing bears!)

Dancing Bears Tree Wood Carving from TreeWiz
Thank you to Edi of Memoriesforlifesp for selecting such an awesome theme.  I hope you'll visit hers and all of these great shops for your next shopping excursion "into the woods."

I hope you've enjoyed this Friday's Focus. If you'd like to have the opportunity to select next Friday's theme (and have a mini-feature of your shop done as well), please leave a comment and share your thoughts on today's selections!  Be sure to leave contact information as well.  One randomly chosen commenter will be chosen sometime next Thursday (November 11th) afternoon and contacted to decide on a theme!  Of course, I love reading your comments for whatever reason you feel the desire to post!

Have a great weekend!



BeadedTail said...

I love Edi's work! I have several of her albums and I know it's only a matter of time before I get some of her new creations too! I love the wood items you picked to feature too. That bowl is gorgeous!

mysticwynd said...

Glad you liked the feature - Edi's work IS gorgeous and I love the direction she's taking her business in! Thanks for stopping by!

Rose said...

Awesome theme! I love Edi's work. I'm planning to order a few wooden frames from her for Christmas presents. She designed my earring cards, too.

I love the other wooden items, too. :)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Glad you liked my theme Karen :)
I love the items you featured...that cuff is gorgeous and the dancing bears are unbelieveable!!!
Thanks for the feature :)

Bludart said...

Absolutely LOVE every featured shop! I have a huge soft spot for wood items. Those bracelets are incredible-and the carving from Treewiz is literally jaw-dropping!
Incredible artists!

wiz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wiz said...

Wonderful blog. Great theme and great goodies. Thank you so much for including my carving. I really appreciate it!

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