Monday, October 17, 2011

Mixed Bag Mondays - What's Holding You Back?

I was having a rough/crazy/hectic day myself yesterday, or you would have seen this posted in my Sunday Afternoon Reflections, but better late than never, right? Let's call this my "Motivational Monday" post :)  After all, you have to admit that Mondays tend to leave a lot of people looking for the motivation to get going again after a typical weekend of downtime, procrastination, and simply not wanting to do anything but have fun. You're tempted to call in sick when you really should be calling in unmotivated. Or maybe you're bored - tired of dealing with the same old stuff day in and day out - it's just not fun anymore. Maybe you just don't feel you get the recognition you feel you deserve - and now you're feeling a bit bitter, or worse - apathetic. More likely, and probably the biggest reason so many people feel unmotivated is simply stated in three little words - "What's the point?"

After all, we keep hearing how life  is supposed to be fun... and easy.  Aren't we entitled to success? Shouldn't people be lavishing praise on us just for "showing up?" Aren't we entitled to have all the creature comforts we want?  Don't we deserve to be loved unconditionally?  Shouldn't be we getting more out of life with less effort? Why does everyone and everything hold us back from being happy and feeling fulfilled? Why does it take SO much work to get so little in return? Why is life so hard?

I'm challenging everyone who reads this post and watches this video to leave me a comment and tell me what you think is holding you back... I know my own personal answer and I promise to share it with you through a comment at some point soon.  This video's been around a while, so you may have seen it. If you have, please watch it again - we can always use a booster shot of motivation.  If it's the first time you're watching, this man's name is Nick, and his message is pretty profound...



mysticwynd said...

As promised, here's my answer to what I believe is holding me back... the area I think I need to work on most is having faith and confidence in myself and my abilities in all areas of my life. I know some people will be surprised by that, but I fall into that "I could have done that better," group who takes a test and gets a 99%. I have trouble seeing past my own flaws - even though I know we all have them - and I'm pretty hard on myself as a result. So. there you have it - anyone else brave enough to come forward and share?

customteddys said...

Hi Karen; this is the first time I've seen this video. Watching it is very heartwarming and thought provoking. What holds me back is my constantly comparing myself and what I do with other people who do what I do. And I never measure up. What Nick is showing me is that we all have value, whether we think we "measure up" or not. Thanks for the inspiration.

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