Saturday, October 15, 2011

6 on Saturday Edition 2

This is the second in an ongoing series of posts featuring some great new, undiscovered, and underdiscovered shops in the handmade marketplace.

In the spirit of the handmade community, I'm giving these shops a little leg up by giving them a little air time here.  If you are new to Etsy or any of the other handmade marketplaces, or have a new website that you would like me to showcase here, don't be shy.  Drop me a note, contact me, leave a post with a link to your shop, whatever you'd like to do, and let me know and I'll be happy to help you out!  (Sorry, no businesses that relate to adult themed goods, drugs, social, religious, or sexual bias, or other equally uncomfortable-for-most-people shops will be considered.)

Here are my 6 for Saturday, October 15th, 2011!

First up is a collaborative effort by some family and friends from Virginia... RevolutionCoOp. They've been around since January, and have a few sales but would love to have some more to help with future syndication! Their shop bio explains their goal beautifully:
"Revolution Co-Op is a collective shop where a group of like-minded artists, vintage dealers, artisans, and, most importantly, friends & family have decided to gather and support one another in a online sales adventure. We aspire to diversity with our sellers and the goods they choose to list here."
They currently have a great eclectic collection of jewelry, embroidered items for you and your horme, and some adorable babies' fashions.

My next shop is just heavenly! MostlyBlackAndWhite offers some simple but exceptional framed collage angel art that owner and artisan Anne, is more than happy to customize as a gift for any special occasion.  These days it's kind of nice to be reminded of the angels in our life, and what better way than with one of these lovely pieces of art? Open since March, this shop has amazingly not had a sale yet!  So all of you angel lovers out there, how about stopping on by!
Kaunas, Lithuania, is the city where my grandmother was born and raised, and it also happens to be home to irmasknitting, an awesome shop filled with warm, chic, and trendy knit accessories. This shop has been open since December 2010 with nary a sale, so if you're looking for unique cowls, scarves, or any other handknit apparel accessories for yourself or as a gift in the upcoming holiday season, how about checking Irma's shop out - I'm sure some sales would help to make her holidays brighter too!

AbstractNotions is almost a neighbor to me - and many of artist Murray Bolesta's art pieces reflect the Mexican and Sonoran Desert influences of the region with a novel abstract approach. From photographs of agave plants to desert architecture, as well as a smattering of nature inspired artwork, a visit to this shop will be sure to provide a unique perspective to the solitude, natural beauty and diversity of our great land! After 6 months of sharing his talents, I'd say it's high time this shop got noticed, don't you?!?

I ran across this next shop in the forums on Etsy, and being a greeting card aficionado, I was impressed by the cute and imaginative cards I saw at AuntyCarols. So what's so unique about these cards?  Well, Aunty Carol specializes in cards geared towards men and boys! Not that you won't find cards suitable for anyone, but it's pretty cool to have a shop to go to when you want to send a special card to a special male in your life! 
MaryBethHenryDesigns is my last stop for the day.  I met Mary Beth through Etsy's Holiday Boot Camp, and well, you know me and clutch purses... which happens to be one of Mary Beth's specialties!  She's also currently offering some awesome headbands too! Whether you're looking for something for yourself or for those "gotta be special" clutches or accessories for your bridal attendants, check out Mary Beth's shop. She's on her way with 7 sales, and I think we'll be seeing a lot more of this great artisan and her work!

As always, Best of Luck to all of these un- and underdiscovered shops!



our home to yours said...

thanks for sharing these shops with us. I've seen that black and white before, and I love those snoods. in fact I love the word snood. lol

Carol said...

Thankyou so much for featuring my Etsy shop, It's still very much in the making, I have lots of items to add.
Aunty Carol

letamariedesigns said...

It is so fun to see the shops you discover.

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