Friday, September 2, 2011

Living Aloha - A BESTeam Feature

The word aloha can mean many things. Most of us take it to mean hello... or good-bye. Some may take it a bit further and include love in the definition, but like another Hawaiian word - mahalo - it's a bit hard to put the real meaning of this grouping of letters into words simply because aloha is truly a way of life. My teammate Connie, of RedemptionArt, makes her home on the big island of Hawaii in a small community called Volcano (how perfect, since it's actually on the ridge of a caldera on the famous Kilauea volcano), and she epitomizes the aloha way of life. With a love of life, a strength that comes from the heart, compassion for everyone whose life crosses her path, and - through RedemptionArt - a desire to share the beauty, history, and usefulness of the unique items, both old and new, that she offers there, Connie shares the spirit of aloha with the world.

When you visit RedemptionArt (and I know you will!), you'll find a wonderfully eclectic array of items - mostly vintage. Many are artfully created pieces that Connie has redeemed and that are waiting for a second chance to be loved, some are lovely and rare antiques, and occasionally she treats us to new beauties created through the magic of her talent and imagination. Either way, I'm sure a little bit of that aloha spirit comes along with them.  Here are a few of my favorites that are available at RedemptionArt...

This beautiful example of vintage Chinese pottery was unearthed in an excavation, with items that help date it back to at least the early 1900s if not earlier. I love the richness of the natural stain used to give it a luscious brown color, as well as the slight imperfections that give it character. You simply have to check out the rest of the listing to appreciate its handmade quality and charm! This is a beautifully preserved antique that would perhaps make a lovely container for flowers, a storage spot for any number of goodies, or even to put on display for its own beauty. 

These lovely brass candlesticks once graced one of the oldest churches in Hawaii, and while they were no longer needed there, they still have a lot of usefulness left in them. Whether you polish them up or honor their history and years of use by retaining the beautiful patina they have, these are a gorgeous piece of history that could adorn your holiday table, fireplace mantle, or bookshelf... and their classic styling lends itself equally well to any decor theme from Victorian to modern Goth.

The final piece I'd like to share with you is this amazing vintage advertising poster. Dating back to the 1940s, this piece illustrates the international knowledge that "sex sells" and the alluring young woman pictured in this ad for pharmaceuticals certainly is doing her part to appeal to the business men of the era! Mounted in a beautiful vintage chalkware frame, this is a high quality piece which would make an exceptional purchase for its aesthetic appeal as well as its historic value to anyone who appreciates collectible advertising art.

There's so many other wonderful items waiting for you at RedemptionArt - from the Hawaiian Tiki figurine, to the exquisite copper creamer by FB Rogers, to the wonderful vintage serving trays and jewelry. I hope you'll take some time to browse the entire shop and that you'll find a treasure that perfect for you or someone you cherish.

When you're done shopping, head on over to Connie's Blog - Island Buzzy - for an insight into life on the Big Island, as well as her musing on art, artists, faith, friends, and food. You can also find Connie and RedemptionArt on Facebook for the latest news in her shop and her world!




Connie Lou said...

Mahalo! Thank you so much Karen, I always appreciate your promotional content as well as the personal affirmation, very!
Have a wonderful weekend! I am off to estate sales...aloha, Connie

our home to yours said...

I love connies shop, you never know what you'll find there. and I love your new banner.

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