Thursday, August 25, 2011

Déjà vu, Eh? A BESTeam Feature

Now you know I can't resist adding an "eh?" or two whenever I'm featuring a teammate from Canada, but since Elizabeth Duquette of ElizabethMD(esigns) happens to live in the Canadian province of Ontario, which while not exactly a French Canadian province, is right next to Quebec and does have a smattering of people with French ancestry, so - I had to figure out how to work some French in there as well. Since I've had the honor of featuring this lovely lady and her work many moons ago on my blog, the first thing that came to mind in preparing this post was the feeling of Déjà vu - which happens to be French for "already seen". How coincidental and perfect for this post!

While I may have shared some of Elizabeth's work with you before, ElizabethMD has undergone quite a few changes since then, both in her shop appearance, and in the variety of styles available in this great little shop! Elizabeth is quite the eclectic and prolific designer, and she's been busy exploring a grand variety of themes and genres lately and I'm happy to have the opportunity to share some of her new work with you here! Please enjoy!

What little love bunny wouldn't be thrilled to own this little purple love bunny ring?!? Kawaii (Japanese for "cute") designs are no newcomers to the Etsy trends, but every once in awhile it great to run across something just a little less run of the mill than most of the kawaii items I seem to notice. This one's just adorable!

There is just something mystical about spirals. Found throughout nature in the structure of a nautilus shell, the fronds of ferns, and even the whorls of our fingerprints, spirals have also permeated art, architecture, culture, and yes, jewelry, for thousands of years as a symbol of the cycle of life, the spiritual feminine, and the cosmic force.  This awesome Spiral Cuff Bracelet is a simply beautiful interpretation and use of this ancient symbol - not to mention, it would make a gorgeous addition to anyone's jewelry collection in its classic simplicity and versatility. Bravo, Elizabeth - very, very nice!

I've always liked earrings that make a bold statement in a way that's not gaudy or too over-the-top, which is why I really like these Beaded Amber and Orange Loop Earrings. I love the combination of the fluid lines of the loops and the blasts of color in the free motion beads. These would be an amazing look with your favorite boho skirt and peasant blouse, or those jeans and a turtleneck. Definitely a style you can't go wrong with!

I think I'll let you check out the rest of the gorgeousness and fun at ElizabethMD for yourself - and don't forget to get acquainted with her in all of the other venues you'll find her at on the internet. You can find the links below!

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