Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wishful Wednesday - I Must Have Rocks in My Head!

No, not that way - although I can think of a few people who might raise an eyebrow at my denial! I've always loved rocks and stones of all shapes and sizes - from glistening crystals to weather- and water- worn boulders and stones, whether they're balancing precariously along a roadside or waiting, hidden within the dark corners of a crystalline cavern... they amaze me. So today, I'd love to share some beautiful specimens of them with all of you - and hopefully you'll feel some of the wonder that I felt as I came across them in my wishful Wednesday search!

The poem that accompanies these beautiful gifts from the earth is a poem I ran across online by a young irish Poet who goes by the pseudonym Drax. If you'd like to read more of his poetry, please visit his hubpages here.

The Stone
~by Drax
Rough Opal from SenorPyro


 I feel the stone

Jasper from 49erMinerals

and through the stone 

the earth,

Malachite from 49erMinerals

and my past,

and my future,

Larimar from AstarteEarthArt

as I am grounded in my present.

Aragonite from BeadHeavenInc

in the ridges and hollows,  

are the rise and fall of my heart,

Tanzanite in Zoisite
from milminedesignannex

 as I live out my destiny.

to tell of the earth.


Azurite from CrystalMineralGifts

to tell of the journey,

my journey on the surface of the stone,

Tiger's Eye from Orca4kk

I am but a dust mote

pitched from place to place

on the whim of the wind.

Simbercite with Pyrite
from BrightStarGemstones

I scatter some seeds of poems

to be carried on the beaks of birds,

Rutilated Phantom Quartz
from GlimmeringGems



to be mixed in the whispers of the wind,

for the one who will hear my message,





Labradorite Ring from BeijoFlor


and come to me bearing treasure.




Andara Glass* from Kuberacove



the treasure of truth,



Amethyst Cluster
from PowerOfTheCrystals



in that one line



Ruby from gempalace

of love.

Do you have a favorite type of stone?  Were you, or are you still, a closet rockhound? I'd love to hear your stories of that one special stone that you found... or bought... and why it is so special to you. In my case, I have a worry stone (which is much, much smoother than it already was when I received it!) made of rose quartz that I carried with me for many years through many worries - and while I don't have as much need for it anymore, it has become a reminder of how much inner strength I managed to call up when I needed it. Funny how something so small could play such an important role.

*glass refers to a crystalline structure created through volcanic activity



HeadpinWear said...

I found the stone I wanted!
Thanks for posting the links :)
I cannot afford it now, I have to eat!
It was more then I spend a weeek on food to feed my family :(
But oh so gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Love the poetry and the way you wove the stones together. Just beautiful.

Earth Rocks by Bead Heaven said...

Really beautiful thanks for including one of our gems in it! :) xoxo Bead Heaven & Earth Rocks

GlimmeringGems said...

Beautiful poem!
Thank you so much for including me here. :) GG

Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely collection. Thank you so much!

Power Of The Crystals said...

This is THE loveliest Blog I've ever seen! It's so soothing and calming to soul and thank you so very much for including my High Energy Amethyst Crystal Cluster from the Power Of The Crystals, Many Blessings to you and all who view, with love,


Astarte said...

Thank you for sharing your joy with us and this healing this blog post has brought to me today, thank you for including a larimar from my shop! Light & Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. Thanks!

SenorPyro said...

You've put together a nice selection of specimen gemstones. Thank you!

Annie said...

Karen, as a child I was a "rockhound" or sorts - not of the beautiful gems you include in your post (I wish!), but of the small shell fossils that abounded in and along the streams on the property of my childhood home. I had bowls of them! Some were special enough to get their own box. But with each new discovery I was as excited as with the very first one. I suspect you know that feeling ;-)!

Dough, Dirt & Dye

Rachel W K said...

Hi! I found you through the etsy blog team. I love these photos, I always oooh and aah at mineral shows, everything is so gorgeous :) I'm your newest follower!

-rachel w k

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