Thursday, August 4, 2011

This is Absolutely Kismet! A BESTeam Feature

kismet (kiz′met, kis′-) n., fate; destiny
Origin: Turk kısmet < Ar qisma(t), a portion, lot, fate < qasama, to divide

Fate can absolutely be an incredible thing. It takes us down paths we would most likely never find on our own, introduces us to people, situations, and opportunities that we might never have approached, and invites us to explore talents we never realized we had.  In Kirsten's case, this South Dakotan felt Fate's intervention in the form of Christmas shopping frustration over prices and selection. Spurred on by the realization that she could make just what she wanted and make them better and with more variety, AbsolutelyKismet was soon born.

Today, Kirsten offers a great selection of colorful wine charms, stitch markers, and jewelry - most of which are customizable to meet your tastes, and made with attention to detail. Of course, if you're looking for ready to ship items, there's plenty of those too - designed to appeal to a wide array of tastes and personalities!  Here are a few of my personal favorites...

Shell casings are currently all the rage for jewelry and accessories, and Kirsten is in on the trend with these adorable Bow Tie Wine Charms with .22 Shell Casing Dangles. They come in a set of 6 and whether you want all the same color of the accent crystal *bow ties* or you'd prefer a rainbow of colors to keep wine glasses  or coffee cups differentiated, Kirsten will be happy to work with you!

Anyone who knits or crochets knows how handy stitches markers can be for those complex stitch patterns or crocheting in the round.  Since blue is one of my favorite colors and I like a little more metallic glint for markers, I chose these awesome Blue & Silver Stitch Markers to feature here today. A set of six should be perfect for any project you might anticipate! So sparkly!

I love the one-size-fits-all of memory wire jewelry, as well as the ease of putting it on and taking it off. Since turquoise is such a wonderful year round color, I think this sweet Turquoise Colored Memory Bracelet would make a welcome and versatile addition to anyone's jewelry collection!

Now that I've shown you just a few of the bright and beautiful items that are available at AbsolutelyKismet, why not trust Fate and head on over there to check out the rest of Kirsten's shop? When you're done, head on over to visit all of the other places you can find AbsolutelyKismet on the web. The links are below!

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Leta Porter said...

Love the use of shell casings. That is one item I have lots of around my place since hubby hunts. Maybe I should do something with them.

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