Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Talkin' Shop Tuesday - Terms and Conditions (Glossary Pt.2)

Last week, I began sharing some entries in my new Glossary of Jewelry Terms and Gemology Guide. Today I'll be adding to the list with some more jewelry terms that have to do with the condition of jewelry components, as well as some new gemological information. I also wanted to mention that I'm hoping to be able to build on my glossary and gem guide, as time permits throughout the weeks, in addition to the terms I post in these articles, so be sure to check back frequently for new entries... and of course, if you're looking for the meaning of a specific term, or some background information on a type of stone, just use the "contact me" option in the menu bar and drop me a note to let me know!

Here's this week's entries...

Antique(d) - term applied to any metal or component to which a method of creating an aged look or patina (finish) has been applied. (Not to be confused with antique used as a term to describe something that has reached a certain age and is considered to be valuable due to its age and scarcity)

Burnish(-ed, -ing) - is the cosmetic deformation of a surface due to sliding contact with another object resulting in a polished effect.

Dapping- the creation of a three dimensional (usually domed) surface on a flat surface through the use of a dapping hammer and a domed die. (Also called doming)

Electroplating - technique in which a thin layer of metal (usually gold, silver, or copper, although other metals can be used) is deposited on an object of a different metal composition which is achieved by passing an electrical current through a solution containing dissolved metal ions and the metal object to be plated.

Faceted - Having a man-made (as on a faceted gemstone) or a naturally occurring flat polished surface (as on a crystal).

Feldspar - The most common rock-forming mineral group comprising nearly 60% of the earth's crust. Having good cleavage in two directions and a Mohs' hardness index of 6, feldspar minerals are usually white or very light in color. Plagioclase feldspars are sodium or calcium aluminum silicates including stones like labradorite, while Potassium feldspars are potassium aluminum silicates including stones like amazonite.

Flux - Liquid or paste compound that is applied to metals being joined through soldering which keeps the metals clean of oxides, helps the solder flow  and acts as a visual indicator to gauge when the solder is beginning to flow.

Patina - Finish formed by forced or natural oxidation of the surface layer of a metal using moisture, chemicals, heat, or some combination of these forces.

Pickle - A weak acid solution that removes oxidation and excess flux from components immediately following the soldering process.

Sterling Silver - Silver alloy that is 92.5% silver, with the remaining 7.5% being composed of other metals (typically copper).

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