Monday, July 25, 2011

Mixed Bag Mondays - Caught in a Whirlwind

I survived. "Survived what," you may ask? An extended weekend alone with 2 of my grandsons and their two very large greyhounds. My oldest son and his wife took off for their first "more than just an overnight" getaway in over 5 years without the kids in tow. I loved that they had a chance to get away for some grown-up time and I got to spend some wonderful time with the boys. I learned (or perhaps relearned) a few things along the way this weekend during my time with Caden (5) and Connor (not quite 1 1/2) - Brothers can make that shift from best buds to mortal enemies and back to best buds in less time than it takes to walk across a house, you have to keep a diaper on a toddler boy until you get his feet wet - or at least have him face the wall and not you, dogs love cleaning up peanut butter and jelly sandwich scraps under the table, and grandkids are simply the best if you want to feel loved.

It was definitely a busy four day weekend though - especially since we had a family birthday to attend, as one of the other grandsons turned two on Saturday. When I got back home yesterday, I'll admit I needed a chance to recuperate from the whirlwind weekend! All caught up now, but still feeling the effects, so I thought it'd be fun to do a post featuring some whirlwind themed goodies from the pages of Etsy. Hang on to your hats!

"Whirlwind" recycled glass platter from recycledglassworks

"Whirlwind" by BeadTheory

Whirlwind - Water Color Print by Goddesselle

Vintage Whirlwind Earrings from itsyourKISMET

Copper Whirlwinds by EleganceDayandNight

The Whirlwind Ring from theVintageGoldsmith
A whirlwind can be a wonderful thing, don't you agree?!?


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fsmwtf said...

What she didn't say was Grandpa got to stay home alone for 4 days -- played video games and watch Jackie Chan movies. Fun was had by all.

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