Thursday, June 2, 2011

Uncomplicated. Pure and Simple - A BESTeam Feature

Nestled in the heart of Georgia, up yonder from the Chattahoochee River, you can indulge your senses along the banks of Mossy Creek, where you'll find the air fresh, enjoy the sound of fast flowing rapids, and languor in the scents of the local flora... sounds dreamy doesn't it? It's no wonder that the BESTeam's southern belle, Michelle Rhoades, chose Mossy Creek Soaps as the inspired name for her wonderful handcrafted soaps and bath products.

From lavender and calendula to (what else?) Georgia peach, Michelle offers a lovely selection of soaps and bath products created from her own special blends of essential oils, skin softening sunflower and olive oils imbued with shea butter, and other skin soothing ingredients like oatmeal or honey...and each bar is embellished with a nature inspired imprint of Michelle's signature logo, making them ideal as guest or gift soaps.

I thought I'd share a few of the great items I found while browsing at Mossy Creek Soaps -

One of my favorite scents for perfume, incense, and soap is musk...paired with citrus, vanilla, and pine to create a scent similar to exotic patchouli, it takes on a heady earthiness, transporting the senses to the forests of the subcontinent. I can imagine how wonderful it would be to have the scent linger throughout the day, and now you can experience the magic for yourself in Mossy Creek Soap's Patchouli Musk.

If you prefer something a little lighter to indulge your own southern belle gentility, Michelle has created something to suit your tastes as well. Relaxing lavender and refreshing calendula have been united in this soap which is Michelle's wedding favor offering, but which you can also order in the full sized bars. Soap makes a wonderfully thoughtful and useful favor or gift and Michelle allows you to choose from a large selection of colors and scents to create the perfect expression of your sentiments.

Colors Available: Brown, Pink, Blue/Lt Blue, Purple, Teal, Yellow, White, Peach, Orange, or Mint Green

Fragrances Available: Lavender Essential Oil, Coconut Lime Verbena, Lemon Flower, Rose Geranium, Rose, Fresh Ginger Lime, Vanilla, Pink Sugar, Ocean’s Edge, Oatmeal Honey, or Mint

Gardeners, cooks, and anyone else who comes in contact with strongly scented chemicals or foods can appreciate how hard it can be to get that garlic scent or mulch scent out of your hands. Fret no more - simply indulge in Michelle's Mocha and Coffee soap. Perfectly balanced so the chocolate scent isn't too sweet and syrupy, with just the right amount of coffee, your hands (and your nose) will love this one! Just remember - it's soap, and while it might smell good enough to eat, let's leave this at the sink!

In addition to these great bars of soap, Michelle also offers beautiful gift basket collections containing a wonderful selection of bath products, made to order soy candles in a nice selection of scents, and cocoa body butter. That's as far as the spoilers on the rest of the shop goes - you'll just have to take Michelle's advice:

"Now why don't you begin your journey into the herbal waters of Mossy Creek Soap.... Don't say I didn't warn you? You will become addicted...."

Learn more about Michelle, soap making, and all of her great new items and promotions by visiting her links below!

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These soaps sounds fabulous!!! I love the imprint she uses. ~Val

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