Thursday, May 19, 2011

World, Uninterrupted - A BESTeam Feature

How many times a day do you take a moment to just take in the world around you? Ok, if not daily - how many times a week? A month? Ever? It seems that some people, like my featured BESTeam teammate Martha Hughes of DragonflyPhotography, are blessed with the ability to see beyond the obvious and ordinary to the extraordinary... and we are blessed to be able to see the world as their eyes have seen it, as they record those incredible moments and memories to last a lifetime through their photography.

Martha's work seduces the eye and soul with an almost ethereal quality, the focus and lighting embracing the timelessness of the subject as she adds a special perspective through the camera's vantage point.

DragonflyPhotography is one of those shops you have to visit to appreciate the depth and breadth of Martha's talent for turning the everyday into the hauntingly memorable. It would have been easiest for me to simply show all of her photos here, since it was incredibly hard to pick just a few favorites to share, and I hope my selections will pique your curiosity!

Come and Sit a While... Black and white photography is often thought of as one of the simplest of photography standards yet quite the opposite is true. From white to black, every subtle shade of grey, every shadow, every texture, becomes available to the eye without the distraction of color, and Martha is a master in creating depth and light in her work.  A simple bench takes on an almost magical history in this garden setting. You can almost envision spectres of the past as they rested on this bench, using the serenity of the setting to at least momentarily wash away the worries of the day. What little piece of your world would this look perfect in? Perhaps your den or reading room? Or even at the end of that hallway or above the settee as a dramatic accent to blend old and new in your dramatic black and white room decor.  So many other places come to mind as well - but wherever you place it, this piece is sure to cultivate a sense of peace and beauty. 

Perhaps you're looking for a splash of color for your boudoir, or something festive to hang in your foyer or on a guest room wall to greet your guests... or maybe you just love nature and it would be wonderful to have a year round touch of its beauty in your workspace or anywhere you can use  the unique ambiance of a floral escape. Camelia - this beautiful photographic print of nearly coral red blooms is both delicate and bold... and once again, Martha lends her skills to creating the perfect mood of dreamy enchantment.

Country kitchens would be the perfect setting for my last selection of pieces from DragonflyPhotography. Apples in the Castle Garden is a refreshing piece of photographic artistry that brings to mind memories of simpler days and the crisp, juicy bounty of an apple harvest. It would make a wonderful focal for a kitchen or dining room wall - and if you happen to be an owner of a restaurant or a designer doing a project to update the decor of a chain of homestyle restaurants, this would be an amazing and inviting addition to your collection!

Martha offers so many other wonderful pieces of photo art from her wanderings in and around her hometown of Tacoma, WA as well as beautiful subject and scenes from her travels around the globe. From spiders to spires, blossoms to butterflies, if you find joy in unique visions of the world around you, then DragonflyPhotography is definitely a place to visit and add to your favorites list!

If you'd like to learn more about Martha and her busy-bee lifestyle, as well as being among the first to learn about her latest releases and great special offers, just click on any or all of the links below to find what you're looking for!



Knitful Dezigns said...

HOW BEAUTIFUL <3 What a beautiful photography company, so calm and serene!

Martha said...

Thank you for the lovely feature...I think I've read it 100 times.

Best regards,


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