Thursday, June 30, 2011

Silver Mountain Originals - An EtsyBlogger Team Feature

It seems like I rarely have the opportunity to feature any of the older shops on Etsy, but this month, the EtsyBloggers selected Tammy Gross from Tamdoll's Silver Mountain Originals as the blogger of the month. Tammy has been on Etsy since 2006, offering an eclectic assortment of one-of-a-kind arts and crafts as well as some great supplies.

I took a jaunt over to Tamdoll and was pleasantly surprised by the lovely items she currently has for sale, since it's a rarity to find the same item twice in this treasure trove!

One of the first treasures that caught my eye (and touched my heart) was this darling pair of hand embroidered and embellished fabric heart charms. Small enough that they both fit in a matchbox together, you could keep one for yourself and give one away to share the love with your sister or mom or bff!

Tammy loves to upcycle things that still have some use in them and living in New Hampshire, there's always an old sweater or winter scarf that can be revived to create something newly useful.  One of my favorite pieces from Tamdoll that's undergone just such a transformation is this darling Don't Be Blue plaid handbag created from an upcycled wool scarf. Isn't it gorgeous?

Tammy also offers a small selection of patterns that she's used in the past for some of her creations, so that, while she may not make them anymore, you can create them yourself! Dragon lover that I am, I've got my eye on this Quiet Dragon Pattern. With a basic pattern as well as additional information on more complex designs, these plushie patterns are perfect for anyone from the beginning crafter to the more accomplished artisan.

I think I'll let you check out the rest of Tamdoll on your own since there's so many other cute items available there, and I'd hate to ruin all of the surprises!  When you've completed your shopping, be sure to head on over to the other sites you'll find Tammy at - the links are listed below!



Anonymous said...

I love my winter scarves!

tamdoll said...

Thanks for the great feature! I really appreciate it. Guess I am an "older shop" ! Thanks for sharing my items, too, I'm so glad you like them.

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