Thursday, June 30, 2011

Collaborating in the Garden - A BESTeam Feature

Meet - left to right - Suzette, Melissa, and Crystal... collectively, they are PoisonGarden. Hmmm... poison garden?!? Well, it's just my guess (since I didn't delve deeply in the hopes that one of these lovely ladies might stop by and clarify for themselves), that this shop's name might have been inspired by the edgy concept of the Alnwick Garden, an elaborately unique yet still somewhat traditional English garden in the UK, where amongst the beauty and romance of the English countryside, you'll find the lure of danger and mystery - since the beautiful blooms often belong to poisonous plants. Of course the whole idea behind the garden is that beauty and the edginess of the darker side of life can be lovely bedfellows!

This trio accomplishes the same goal in their design work at PoisonGarden. Using their penchant for all things romantic, vintage, and gothic, they lure you into their garden of delights with Neo-Victorian, Steampunk, Goth, and other whimsically themed jewelry and accessories. Join me if you will, and don't worry, in this poison garden you're welcome to come as close as you'd like to enjoy their designs...

Navigate your way through the endless expanses of time and whimsy whenever you wear this delightful Steampunk Navigator Compass Collar.  This would be a wonderful addition to your cosplay finery as well as making an interesting and beautiful jewelry accessory for your casual ensembles too!

Absinthe... it was once believed that this beautiful green alcoholic spirit derived primarily from the wormwood herb could cause one to hallucinate and even cause paralysis - and even though modern science has disproved these claims, absinthe is still regarded as a dangerous and even poisonous substance in many countries 'round the world.  PoisonGarden pairs the lovely hues of absinthe green with the romance of ornate brass for a dramatic and ethereal peek into the past in this beautiful absinthe and brass neo-Victorian steampunk and key necklace

Butterflies will usually abound in most gardens, and PoisonGarden is no exception, since it's the signature design element of one of these crafty women. Suzette loves to incorporate butterflies into her work and while you can't quite see it  in this enchanting beaded suncatcher, there is a guarantee of a lovely little butterfly charm gracing the opposite end!

Please enjoy the rest of your stroll through PoisonGarden, (don't forget, they love custom orders!) and when you're done with their shop, be sure to check out the rest of the places you can find this trio on the net by clicking on the links below! If you're lucky enough to live in or near Lafayette, IN, you can also see the fruits of their work at The Craft House artisan gallery on Main and Ninth!

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Crystal said...

Thanks for the awesome article! Our name actually came from Melissa who in fact has a poison garden in her backyard - so we have our own little mascot! In fact, the garden is behind both Melissa and I, although it is a little hard to see. Inside of the garden she has plants such as foxgloves, morning glory, poison ivy, and datura. As I started researching more information on poison gardens I found out that poisonous plants were in style during the Victorian era which made the name even more perfect :) Maybe we should post some pictures of our little mascot on our blog!

mysticwynd said...

I knew I could get one of you to stop by and clarify! Thanks, Crystal!

I think it would be lovely to see the real life inspiration for your shop name in all its glory on your blog - the concept of a poison garden is so unusual to me. Although, thinking back to my childhood garden, I know there were a lot of plants I was warned to never touch or eat, so maybe it was just never explained as purposeful. I have to admit that it intrigues me!

So glad you enjoyed the feature :)

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