Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You'd Better Believe It - A BESTeam Feature

Not too long ago, one of our weekly BESTeam online chats was coming to a close and I was saying g'nite to the last couple people that were leaving, when the owner of today's featured shop showed up to say hi. I almost said that I was sorry that she had missed the chat, but since I remembered that she lived in South America and it was much later there than it even was for me, I felt inclined to pass some time with her. Before I knew it we were chatting away like long time friends, even though it was one of the first real time opportunities we had had a chance to talk.

Marisa is one of those wonderful people who firmly believes in... well... the power of believing.  We got to talking about the paths our lives had taken, and I was happily enjoying her stories of traveling and long awaited motherhood finally realized - very much the polar opposite of my own life. She shared something with me that night that, while I'm familiar with the idealogy of envisioning the things you want out of life, I don't think I had ever met anyone who was so sincere in her belief of the power of visualization. Reading her words was a much needed uplifting experience as well as a bit of a kick in the pants for me. While I like to do everything I can to stay positive, there are times I look back on some of the experiences I've endured throughout my life and can't help but feel a bit overwhelmed. Chatting with Marisa left no room for pessimism of any kind!

Marisa's personality comes across as that of a woman who relishes life... and visiting any of her shops on Etsy will leave you with at least a little bit of that sunny, cheerful outlook. You'll be greeted by bright colors, exciting textures, and her evident love of all things crafty.  Of course, having recently moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Montevideo, Uruguay, I'm sure that Marisa is influenced at least a bit by the cultural passion for bright colors and happy themes that most people associate with South America.

For this feature, I stopped by lasfloresdelsur - her jewelry shop - first. While the selection is still small, you'll be greeted by her trademarks splashes of bright color. The vibrant blues in this An Owl in a Starry Night necklace were the first thing to catch my eye - and little Mr Hoot Owl perched on his tree branch is such a delight that the entire design is a pleasure to feature here!

My next stop was floresdelsur - Marisa's accessory shop!  This shop is filled with items that the shop is named for... flores del sur is Spanish for "flowers of the south" - in this case, perhaps South American flowers!  I seem to have this affinity for orange flowers, so that's what I'll share with you here - an orange fabric poppy pin! Wouldn't this be a lovely touch for your new spring or summer ensemble?  Or how about as an adornment for that new beige bag? So many great ideas are running through my head - how about yours?

If you're the crafty type like Marisa, and are looking for some unique (currently jewelry) supplies or .PDF tutorials, you may want to check out craftsandpixels.  She's stocking some very cool items right now - like these adorable kitty cat charm pendants!

Marisa's very active on the Internet - with multiple blogs on a number of themes in addition to her blog devoted to crafting, product reviews, and tutorials. You can also find her on Facebook and twitter by clicking on the links below!

I hope you've enjoyed this feature of one of my teammates from the Boosting Etsy Shops Team. The BESTeam is dedicated to helping its members promote their shops and assisting each other in marketing, advertising and sharing the tips and tricks of running an online business. If you are a seller on Etsy, have a blog, and either a facebook page or twitter account, and would be interested in joining the BESTeam, the team is accepting new members. You can find more information about the team as well as apply to become a member HERE!



Las Flores del Sur said...

Oh, my... Karen! This is the most wonderful-wonderful feature ever!! Thank you very much for your words... I was on the verge of tears... happy tears, of course :*)
It was great to have met you that day at the chat, I felt the connection too... Hope we can do it again soon :)
Thanks again!!

our home to yours said...

I love the orange too!!!!
- ourhometoyours

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