Wednesday, April 20, 2011

After the Rain

It's been a rainy, stormy, wicked weather spring already this year, and while today's featured color was actually selected a few weeks ago, it appears that the universe might have had a hand in pointing me in the right direction! After the Rain is the name of this lovely soft dusky lavender I ran across on It's reminiscent of the shadows cast by lingering storm clouds in a late afternoon sky,  washing everything in sight with a subtle purple haze.

For people who love dusky undertones, it's a sublime touch of color... cooling down bright whites, mixing beautifully with light true greys and purples, and lending energy and contrast to solid blacks. Here are just a few of the beauties I've found...

Columbine Flower Watercolor by Lauren Kusar of lkusar is a visually stunning example of rainy, misty themes. The dusky violets, plums and deep blues of this art piece paint a beautiful illusion of columbine blossoms after the rain

Amanda, aka the VintageDutchGirl , offers this beautiful Dusky Purple Fleece Infinity scarf, which is the perfect shade for men or women to take a simple winter outfit from plain to urbane with one simple accessory!

A vintage look, beautifully updated to complement today's more modern lines, this chrysanthemum and antiqued brass filigree ring from ForevermoreCreations is a delightful piece of jewelry that's perfect for everyday wear.

If you're more of a antiqued silver jewelry type person, StellarLightDesigns has these darling Festivities dusky purple earrings in their collection. Their description says it best - "Festive and Fun these little floral clusters are sure to delight!"

This satiny rolled rose necklace from MyBeautifulCreations comes in all sorts of different colors, but for today's showcase, I'm sharing this exquisite shade of dusky purple glam!

If you've ever visited the California coast at daybreak or on a cool evening after a hot summer's day, you'll appreciate this photo print called Dusky Glow from GreenIslandStudios. While I'm guessing that it was probably taken in the UK since this shop is based out of Cornwall, the scenery isn't much different that that found on one of the rocky coastal beaches of California. Mist rises from the grassy foreground and nature paints a beautiful palette of cotton candy colors as the watery horizon melts into nebulous clouds and sky. So peaceful and serene.

Another beautiful piece for your home or office, this washable silk pillow cover from Mazizmuse is available in a variety of colors including this dusky lavender lilac. It's so rich and luxurious looking!

An additional place that's perfect for showing off a little shimmer is your eyes! Medium toned purple blended with silver shimmer and just the slightest backbeat of ocean blue produces this shade that CrushedBotanicals calls Pula Kahula (which they say happens to be surfer lingo for "hot mama"!)Scandalously sexy!

“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” This wall plaque featuring the wisdom of Confucius is available from agoodlifedesigns.  Painted on canvas and ready for hanging, muted shades of greys and purples dominate the color theme, making it perfect for an entryway, study, or virtually any other area of your home or office that would benefit from subtle color and inspiration.

I actually ran into Johnny almost right after I found the lovely plaque shown above - and realized Confucius was right.  Even BeSpoke monsters are beautiful, especially when they're long and loveable like Johnny!  Stop by MagicandMud to learn more about the origins of these adorable magic creatures... and say hi to Johnny or one of his pals while you're there. It's a good idea to be friends with at least one monster, and if you invite him to be part of your family, you can rest assured he'll do his part to protect you from less friendly creature of the fantasy realm!

Rain or shine, I hope your day is magical!



Leta Porter said...

What a beautiful collection. I am so ready for our cold spring to turn warm though.

Simply Smitten said...

Once again, a most gorgeous collection! I adore that beautiful ring. :)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Beautiful group of items! We have a constant gray/purple being up in the pacific NW. Thanks for including my infinity scarf :)

MyBeautifulCreations said...

What a lovely collection! Thank you so much for featuring my rolled rose necklace!

jamberry_song said...

Beautiful color and such a nice collection! It reminds me of the color of the air/sky just after dusk. So lovely. :)

Mazizmuse | home said...

Thanks for including my dusty lavender/lilac silk pillows! Wonderful palette!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collection, thank you so much for including my watercolor! Lauren

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lovely blog, what a lovely mention - really I can't thank you enough...but thank you! :)

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