Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jewelry By Jaynemarie - A BESTeam Feature

I've had more than a few people ask why I feature my "competition" on my blog so frequently. The truth is, I don't perceive many other jewelry shops as competition for the simple fact that all of us have our own unique styles, as well as our strong points and special artistic skills. That, plus the truth is, I don't think I could supply everyone in the world with jewelry all by myself, so I'm happy to share my jewelry buying audience. There's one other thing that makes it easy, and that's the camaraderie I share with fellow jewelry artisans like my BESTeam teammate Jaynemarie Crawford.

Jaynemarie, the owner and designer of JewelryByJaynemarie, lives in Los Gatos, California - a somewhat sleepy little town of just under 30,000 nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Santa Clara County near San Francisco. An electrical engineer by training, this devoted mom chose to redirect her energies from the stressful world of engineering to the somewhat more stressful, but oh-so-rewarding job of raising her two daughters. Prompted by the older daughter's need for extensive treatment of learning disabilities (she eventually was diagnosed with Asberger's)- that very fulfilling decision allowed her the opportunity to develop her creative skills in the arena of metalworking and jewelry design.

All of that training and work experience didn't go to naught either - she and her husband (also an electrical engineer) own Turner Designs which makes fluorometers - a device used for measuring water quality in oceans, lakes, and on a smaller scale, in industrial cooling applications. Jaynemarie has also had the opportunity to teach science in her younger daughter's elementary school and Robotics in her older daughter's high school. Ah... a woman who loves science - a person after my own heart!

You're probably waiting patiently to see the jewelry, hmmm... okay, let's get on with the real show here! Jaynemarie's creative style is refined and classic with brilliant gemstones, pearls, and shells paired with gleaming gold and silver to create designs that will easily withstand the test of time. Picking just a few favorites was really hard, because I love so many of the pieces in her shop! I hopw you'll like my selections!

Green is one of my top three favorite colors and the stunning combination of prehnite, peridot, and green crystal quartz in this breathtaking filigree pendant necklace design caught my eye immediately. If you want a stunning piece of highest quality gemstone jewelry to make a special statement or for a special occasion, don't pass this up!

I love the lines of these Handmade Sterling Silver Swirly Earrings. The fluid curves of the outer spiral are accented perfectly by the interesting pairing with a simple silver bead dangling from a chain. Sexy and seductive, with just a touch of futuristic whimsy, these are certain to be one of the more versatile additions to your jewelry collection!

Calling all brides!  Make sure all eyes are on you on your special day with this amazing bold and beautiful pearl and mother of pearl statement necklace. I envision this being worn with a simple strapless gown, perhaps for a beach or island wedding... of course it would look equally beautiful for any occasion where you're ready to be barraged with queries about where you found such a gorgeous piece!

I promise you that you'll find some truly lovely pieces at JewelryByJaynemarie - and you'll be thrilled with the level of customer care and attention to detail that this lovely lady offers to her customers. If you'd like to learn more about Jaynemarie's world (including her animal menagerie!) be sure to visit her other web presences - you can find the links below...

Shop | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

I love having the opportunity to promote artisans from many arenas, including my fellow Etsians, on my blog,and the BEST is certainly some of the best of the best! Friendly, hard working, and helpful, this group is just a wonderful group to be part of! If you're looking for a team that's a cut above the rest, check us out!  The BESTeam is dedicated to helping its members promote their shops and assisting each other in marketing, advertising and sharing the tips and tricks of running an online business. If you are a seller on Etsy, have a blog, and either a facebook page or twitter account, and would be interested in joining the BESTeam, the team is accepting new members. You can find more information about the team as well as apply to become a member HERE!


Simply Smitten said...

Holy cow, that pendant necklace is gorgeous!! And the simplicity of those earrings... I could/would wear them everyday! :)

Jewelry by Jaynemarie said...

Thanks for the great feature Karen.

I love SS's comment; I just need her to purchase these earrings. :)

Fine Handmade jewelry by Jewelry by Jaynemarie

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