Friday, April 22, 2011

A Billion Acts of Green - Earth Day 2011

travel together - trees - nature - photo art print
from marcimolina

Today, April 22, 2011 marks the 41st anniversary of the founding of the Earth Day movement. That first Earth Day in 1970 was attended by 20 million Americans nationwide, from college campuses to town halls, and massive "teach-ins" were organized in New York City and Philadelphia, the latter event turning into a seven-day event known as Earth Week. This year, over 190 countries will be participating in Earth Day events, and the Earth Day Network is inviting people all over the world to commit to 1 Billion Acts of Green.

Al and I do our share to reduce, recycle, and reuse in a number of ways. Al's ability to telecommute has allowed us to only have one car, and we've cut our annual mileage by about two-thirds. We recycle as much as possible, including taking advantage of our city's electronics recycling events. I've committed to washing clothes in cold water, and even convinced Al to dial the A/C up a degree or two to conserve on energy. (I wish we lived in a house rather than a condo at times - friends of ours recently installed solar panels, and as you can imagine, all of this Arizona sunshine has proven to be amazing in reducing their energy use!) We also recycle any plastic bags we end up with at the stores, and try to use reusable totes whenever possible. We've even got the grandkids learning what goes in the recycle bin! I'd love to hear  how you're doing your part this Earth Day, and what you do to be earth-friendly everyday!

There are a huge number of shops dedicated to "green" products, as well as many who create products that inspire us to be good to our Mother Earth. It's my pleasure and honor to share just a few of them with you here today!

I mentioned that our grandkids are learning to take an active role in recycling and being eco-friendly. For those of you who might be interested in introducing your children or grandchildren to some of these concepts, this great book, The Green Alphabet, available from  kazsmom, is a wonderful first look at ecology! It's never too soon to start them on the right road!

I'm a firm believer that whatever inspires someone to do good, is worthwhile... and while we can't be certain that we're the only ones with chocolate like this great Save the Earth shirt from NeitherSparky suggests - it still works for me!

This adorable pocket mirror featuring a depiction of children around the globe from HappyBugDesigns is a reminder that we're all in this together - and the choices we make as adults today, will be the legacy we leave to the youth of world. What do you want future generations to remember you for?

If you're a machine-embroidery maven and would love to have a fun pattern to use to create items to help spread the word, then I think you'll love this pattern urging everyone to "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish, and Restore." You'll find this at juliasews on Etsy!

Whether you buy these as magnets for your fridge or push pins for your office or workspace, you'll be spreading a message and having a constant reminder to do your part. This set of 6 Go Green Magnets or Push Pins comes from kimiko611.

Using reusable totes when you're shopping is probably one of the easiest ways of going green. You can make it fashionable with one of the many beautiful reusable totes like this Happy Planet tote from DetroitKnitter.

Freetobemecreations offers some beautiful earth themed jewelry items, including this lovely Mother Earth Love Glass Tile Pendant. What a nice way to let everyone see that you're committed to loving  our other mother!

While it's great to have an international celebration of the efforts to protect our planet, it really should be Earth Day Every Day - and if you share that belief, why not show it by attaching one of these awesome pin back buttons to your purse or tote - or anywhere else where you can display it proudly! One of several Earth Day themes - this is available at psychedilictara.

Okay, I'll admit it this time. I've saved my favorite for last.  I came across this Gaia fine art print at ARTbyJOHNWAKEFIELD, and knew I had to share it with you here. The creator describes it as inspired by a magical connection between the Planets and the stars - and I agree, everything about it is magical! 

With that, I'll wish everyone a happy Earth Day - and a blessed Good Friday to those of you observing this holy day.



Simply Smitten said...

What wonderful finds! :) One of my goals on this journey is to make as little negative impact as possible. We eat only organic, I made all of my own eco cleaners, we recycle everything and of course the reusable bags! ;) In fact if I don't bring in enough bags with me I refuse the plastic and instead load it back up in my cart and use the bags once I get back to the car! :)

DetroitKnitter said...

Sometimes it takes persistence to convince others around you to be green and honestly it's a lot of work!

A group of my running friends had a trail run last weekend where we picked up trash and recycled what we could. 40 of us participated and from the woods and the roadside we carried everything from the typical plastic water bottle to car bumpers! It was fun and yes, we actually ran with our finds for about 2 miles total; I won the contest with bragging rights for having carried out 51 items. All in fun and a lesson to all as to how much trash there is if you bother to stop and look around.

Thanks for blogging about my tote! Very much appreciated :)

Tara said...

Wow, what a beautiful, beautiful collection of inspiring items! I am honored to be included among such wares! Awesome curating, thanks!

Kimiko said...

Thank you so much for the feature! Lovely blog!

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