Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Fling

Spring is just around the corner, and here in the deserts of South Central Arizona, we don't really have that springtime thaw to wait for, or that first blade of green grass to tell us that spring is on its way. So how do we know spring has arrived? Lizards. Oh, and prickly pear blossoms... although those depend a little more on how wet the winter rainy season has been. Seriously, I look for the first lizards to scurry across the walk in front of our condo - the little critters definitely prefer to come out when the weather begins to warm... and that tells me that before long, the A/C will be running almost 24/7 and it's probably time to start getting the Easter decorations out and start thinking about where I'll hide the Easter eggs for the grandkids this year!

Springtime and the Easter season mean many things to many people. To Christians, it is the time of the holiest of holidays, the commemoration of Jesus' resurrection from death, and just as Christmas and Hanukkah often fall close to each other on the calendar, the Christian holy day of Easter often is celebrated shortly before or shortly after the Jewish holy days of Passover. Even in pagan circles, the festival of Ostara, also known as Oestre (which is believed to be the origin of the word Easter) is observed as a springtime holiday of birth and fertility.

While all of us probably have some celebratory connection to Springtime and the Easter season (which begins tomorrow, by the way, with Ash Wednesday) or one of these other springtime holidays, I think it's important to give some thought that regardless of your personal religious beliefs, all of these holidays have their roots in the idea of starting anew. It's time to allow your inner spirit to be reborn, to cast off the "old you" and start fresh.

The symbolism of the season, from Easter baskets to bunnies, sunrise photos to flowers, reminds us of this opportunity... and I thought it would nice to share some of the items I've found that will help you celebrate this wonderful part of the year! Enjoy :)

Happy Easter Lollipop Covers from CottageCandies
Ostara Mini Broom/Besom by EarthStarStudios
New Passover Haggadah book- colorful art celebration from akalderonarts**

Spring Flower Necklace w Love Quote Charm - Nature of Love by MysticWynd
Panoramic Sugar egg Fairy with chick by iloveprisims
Easter Rabbit-Solid Chocolate-PURE Belgian Chocolate (2) from nikid

Merino Lying with Lamb from Colinscreatures
Happy Paesach from PawmadeByBailey
Personalized Polka Dot Easter Egg Sugar Cookie from Twosoutherngirls

I hope you've found something that you simply would love to have this spring season, or at least something to make you smile or inspire you to take advantage of this time of renewal to grow - in heart, in spirit, and in love!

I'd love to hear what tells you that spring has finally arrived and how you enjoy the season, so post a comment and share your thoughts!


** refers to shops that are undiscovered or underdiscovered and definitely worth a peek!


Alice's Owl said...

Awesomeness! The best we have for lizards in spring in MI is that we see more of them creeping up in retail areas. It does remind me thought that as things begin to thaw that the snakes begin to sun :-). And we humans also tend to begin to absorb more of solar warmth. Thanks for the reminder :-). Beautiful blog entry, and lovely Easter ideas!

Kim Beatty said...

I always find it fascinating how many holidays - religious and otherwise - are celebrated with similar meanings behind them, this being no exception.

And thanks for sharing some lovely finds from Etsy - love the little lambs!!

Happy Spring to all :)

Janet Bocciardi said...

Great post! It is a good reminder to hear how so many religions celebrate similar holidays. We're not that different and should celebrate our similarities!

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