Monday, March 7, 2011

My Own Little Celtic Revival

With a part of my family ancestry that takes its historical roots in Ireland, one of the six Celtic nations, it's always seemed normal to have a piece or two of Celtic jewelry or decor in my home. While we did the typical wearin 'o the green on St Patrick's Day and indulged in a traditional (Americanized) meal of corned beef, cabbage and potato bread, it wasn't until I was much older that I became interested in the artistry of the Celts, and more specifically some of the meanings behind the intricate designs known as Celtic knots.

The fact of the matter, it appears, is that while there may be many different names and meanings attached to them by various peoples, there is no irrefutable acknowledgment of what any of them truly mean! Many are tied to religion and the divine trinity of Christianity, while others may look at the same symbols and relate them to the Celtic mother, maiden, crone beings. So, as much as I'd love to be able to tell you all about the symbolism behind these beauties, I'd be guessing at best. Instead, enjoy them for their beauty and craftsmanship - and allow your imagination to weave its own tale regarding their meaning!

Irish Celtic Knot Earrings by LetamarieDesigns

Slainte Coasters: Lot of Four from StampNotions

with Damascus Rose and Amber
by LiorahLieucu

hand painted celtic design tshirts from RockyHillThreads

Celtic Fish Magick Magnet from WyndsongDesigns

Green wine glasses with celtic knots by woodnheart

celtic knotwork handkerchief 15 by tinuvielstinkerings

Stained Glass Filigree Celtic Cross Pendant Necklace by JewelryByJas

Make my Irish eyes smile and leave a comment about your favorite Celtic treat from this group - I'd love to hear!



niftyknits said...

There's usually something very restful and calming about Celtic knots - yet the Tshirt design is beautiful but much more energised somehow - interesting difference!

our home to yours said...

Mandy and her husband both got celtic love knot tatoos. very pretty items.
- ourhometoyours/xv,

Leta Porter said...

Love this collection Karen and I am honored to be a part of it. Off to share your blog on facebook,twitter, and stumble

Leta :)

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