Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Peachy! A BESTeam Feature

Where else would you rather shop for items that are peachy, than a shop whose banner reflects Just Peachy jewelry and accessories, and whose shop goes by LittlePeachFuzz? There's a somewhat interesting history behind the term peachy that I didn't know until I did some background research on this great shop name! Rumor has it that eating certain species of peaches actually had some effect on brain chemistry, creating a mild state of euphoria, and people felt "peachy" - in fact up until the 1940s, these particular peaches were only sold in pharmacies and were technically considered as an equivalent to a happiness drug!

Happy is exactly what you'll be when you visit this darling little shop. Filled with a fun and kitschy collection of such items as zipper headbands, origami rings and brooches, and always popular button jewelry, LittlePeachFuzz is the shop of dreams for anyone looking for something unique, fashionable and simply a great deal for the money! Here are a few of my favorites from Rachel's shop!

These zipper headbands look so comfortable and versatile!

This Suede Sailor Bracelet is classic fun for your wrist!

How adorable and unique is this Origami Lotus Ring?!?

In addition to visiting LittlePeachFuzz, be sure to visit the other places you'll find Rachel online for the latest news and deals on her handcrafted jewelry and accessories!

See you tomorrow - hope the rest of your Saturday is great!


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