Sunday, January 2, 2011

SciFi Sunday

Today was the anniversary of one of my favorite author's birthdays as well as National Science Fiction Day. A coincidence? I dare say not, since that author was one of the most prolific and most acclaimed writers in the scifi genre that ever lived! You may recognize a few of his more favorite works including The Foundation Series (I, Robot was just one of these amazing stories), Nightfall (considered the epitome of the science fiction genre), and the Bicentennial man. Not only was he a talented writer, Mr. Asimov was also a brilliant mind, earning a doctorate in Chemistry from Columbia University and going on to teach biochemistry at the Medical School at Boston University where he would become a full professor and be considered one of the best college lecturers ever.

Since I'm such a huge fan of his works and of SciFi in general, I thought I'd track down a few of my favorite SciFi themed items to share with you today.

BuildersStudio remains one of my favorite go-to shops for scifi themed goodies. From ray guns to cake toppers, shop owner Pete skillfully concocts some of the most amazingly detailed creatures and contraptions that are sure to appeal to any scifi aficianado!

This BIG Fish Walker Biped ExAqua Exploratory Vehicle is just one example of futuristic finery available there. I wonder how far off in the future the reality of underwater exploratory craft like this miniature really is!

Welcome to the fantasy world of TheMoraeRiver**. I ran across this relatively new shop on Etsy and had to check out the story behind the artwork. Without giving away too much - artist, writer, and fantasy world creator Brynn Metheney has succeeded in taking the concept of cryptozoology to the next level!

This amazing creature to the right is a rendition of Brynn's Female Balandic Cula "One of the more notable mammalian creatures in the Balandic Mountain region..." and if you find this one interesting, you'll love the rest of the collection in the shop! You'll want to visit for more information on this project too!

No feature on scifi would be complete without something representing space travel and alien worlds. I am one of those who "want to believe" - and I sincerely hope that if and when extraterrestrial life finally reveals itself to us that it looks as friendly and sweet as this cutie!

AdoptAnAlien lets you adopt your choice of adorable alien creature plushies like Haddie who's a OOAK Creature Toy with Birth Certificate. I love this shop - these have those adoptable dolls from back in the '80s beat by a mile for cuteness factor in my opinion!

I hope you've enjoyed my scifi shopping spree. If you're a scifi fan, I'd love to hear about your favorites in the genre - whether it's a specific book or writer, movie, or artist - share with me so I can expand my horizons!

I'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow - I'm planning a manic Monday feature for all of you!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop!

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