Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - A Time for Introspection to Realize Dreams

Happy New Year 2011 Orkut Scraps -.

Happy 2011!! I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun, safe, and sane New Year's Eve!

Each year on New Year's Eve, I pick a theme for where I want to go goal-wise in the coming year. In the past, my goals have been to "simplify", "balance", "organize", and a myriad of others, including simply "survive". For 2011, my goal will be to "realize."

The World English Dictionary defines the word "realize" as (in part):
1. to become conscious or aware of (something)
2. to bring (a plan, ambition, etc) to fruition; make actual or concrete
3. to convert (property or goods) into cash

So... that defines my goals for 2011 - to become more conscious and aware of the world around me, the people whose lives I touch and who touch mine, the effects of the past and the hopes of the future on my here and now, and perhaps most importantly, taking the time to do some introspection to return to my most natural basic "me" - the me that often hides behind insecurity or fear, the me that lives in the deepest recesses of my heart and my memories. And hopefully, once that "me" finds its way out of the sometimes overwhelming world that is my life, I can truly begin the process of bringing my plans and ambitions to fruition. And of course, if I can achieve the part about converting my work into some serious cash, all the better!

So, there you have it. My resolution for this year is to realize my dreams. What's yours? I'd love it if you shared!

Here's to mindfulness, goals, faith, strength, health, happiness, and the love and support that will help us all see our dreams come true! Have the best year ever!


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Victoria said...

That's a very interesting New Year's Eve tradition! I like the idea of having themed goals. I haven't thought too much about mine - other than just surviving school with a shred of sanity - but I keep telling myself I need to be more organized this year, and stop doing everything at the last minute. Also, get more sleep!

Take care and happy new year.

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