Monday, December 13, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes 12.13.10

Don’t let the stars get in your eyes,
Don’t let the moon break your heart!
Love blooms at night,
In daylight it dies,
Don’t let the stars get in your eyes,
Don’t keep your heart from me,
For some day I’ll return,
And you know you’re the only one I’ll ever love!home

You know I love all you guys! And you knew I couldn't stay away long... Things were a bit hectic around here the past few days and today I started my day with an appointment to serve jury duty, but now I have no more excuses to not get my rear in gear and get back on track and stick to my schedule. The grandbaby is here, no jury duty for at least 18 months, no one is facing any illnesses at the moment, and I've resigned myself to the fact that I simply won't be sending out Christmas cookies with my Christmas packages heading back east! The good news is, that for all intents and purposes, my Christmas shopping is done - thanks in great part to some amazing Etsy shops that I did a great deal of my shopping at this year! I'm catching up a bit today, so I'll be featuring some great items in the themes I had scheduled for the past three days - and while these are somewhat abbreviated lists, I think you'll still enjoy them!

These had me seeing stars - in a wonderful variety of ways!

(L-R, top to bottom)
ELIZABETH TAYLOR Pop Art style portrait illustration by mediagraffitistudio
Tea Towel Embroidered with Festive Star of David by rainsews
Infant Stars -- 8x10-inch Hubble Space Telescope Photograph of Small Magellan Cloud by DeepSpacePhotography
Star anise 4 oz from CraigsMarket
Star Flower Cactus Plant cutting from FabFabrics4you2
THE ORIGINAL Velvet Purple Candileria (Small) by blueroompottery
Spring star- Tsumami kanzashi hair flower from popcristina98**

Showing off those natural pearly whites!

(L-R, top to bottom)
First Snowfall Pearl and Sterling Silver Earrings from CKSilver
Jeweled Hand Mirror - Recycled Pearl Bauble from MarilyndaGallery
Radiance Silk and Pearl Mineral Makeup Primer from Poshwashsoap
Mother of Pearl Business Credit Name Card Holder ID Money Case Wallet with Flying Cranes Design from nacreart
Kissed by the Moon...Creamy White Pearl Studded Signature Original Curvy Sterling Cuff Bracelet from bellajewelsll

Saddling up with some saddle brown...

At Rest - Equestrian Saddle sitting on edge against barn door 8x10 Fine Art Photography from SilverHorsePhotos
Jada Belt Buckle - Lava Lamp from MrMTreasures
Boots 'n Saddles (Leather) - (8) 15 hours votives from truetexasscents
Bold Gold - Wide Tooled Leather Cuff from aosleather
Saddle Brown Leather Small Pocket Wallet from leatherExpressions

I think I'm caught up now! :) Tomorrow we'll be using our imaginations a little to imagine some lovely orangey gold koi fish swimming in a crystal clear aquamarine pond - our color combination of the day is orange and aqua! I'd love to see something from your own collection featuring the complementary hues of blue and orange, so be sure to stop and send me yours!

It's been a long day, and {yawn} I'm bushed! Tomorrow is definitely another day! Take care 'til next we meet!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop!


Silver Horse Photography said...

Thank you so much for featuring my print "Saddle up" in your blog. It made my day a little brighter. :D

kathy said...

This is wonderful - full of a lot of things I wouldn't mind finding under the tree on Christmas morning! Thanks so much for including my leather cuff! - Kathy, aosleather

Tammy said...

Thank you for choosing my saddle brown pocket wallet. I enjoyed seeing your great collection of items. Happy Holidays to all!

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