Friday, December 10, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Baked Earth 12.10.10

Baked Earth. No, I'm not talking about the future of global warming - I'm simply referring to terracotta - the ceramic (and color!) that derives its name from the Latin "terra cocta" which means "baked earth". Terracotta, as a ceramic, has been used in construction and decorative art for thousands of years. It is made from natural clay, which gives it its characteristic reddish-brown color. While terracotta ceramics can be yellow, gray, or even pink, the color most people associate with this term is the lovely orangey brown that you see displayed in these lovely items. So, without further ado, I present my choices for today's terracotta color feature!

Southwestern Navajo Print Fleece Scarf from anickascottage
Gourd Birdhouse, Organically Grown Hand Painted from midnightcoiler
Night Light Terra Cotta Kokopelli from TheHeadsCreationSW

Terra Cotta and Wrought Iron Atomic Lace Top from dyedianadye
Hobo Shoulder Sling Market Tote Slouchy Bag - Ginger Asian Floral from BizzieLizzie
vintage hair pin from glamorousgirl

Blue Hot from Vikotas**
Set of 3 Cookie Stamps - Love Design - Terra Cotta clay from HardBrownSugar**
Shino Teapot with Matching Teacups from wagnerpottery

Terra Cotta Hand Knitted Knitting Shawl Scarf from crochetbutterfly
Adult Double Flowered Cloche Hat,Terra Cotta from MelsBellsClocheHats
Bronze Terra Cotta Petite Pleated Shoulder Bag from jillydesigns**

Quail ornament from earthspiritspottery**
Just a Little Worn Embroidered Towel Set from Ayoka
Terra Cotta Gargoyle from JackTheDragon**

Don't you just love the warm earthy tones? One of the great things about living here in the desert southwest is that there is no scarcity of this beautiful sun-kissed color or ceramic! Bring a little touch of nature's palette into your world with some terracotta today, or consider brightening up someone else's world with one of these great items!

Tomorrow I'll be seeing stars - in some unique ways that I'm hoping you'll have as much fun exploring as I did finding! Please take a moment out of your busy schedule and stop by!

I hope your weekend is off to a delightful start and that the holiday spirit is finding its way into your heart and home!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop!


Midnightcoiler said...

I've always loved this beautiful earth color! Your terracotta selections are gorgeous. Thanks for featuring my gourd birdhouse. I once lived in the Raleigh, NC area- red clay city. One of the first things I did when we moved there was dig up a clump of that terracotta clay. I made a little plaque with our names, date we moved in, and fired it in our wood stove. The outside turned black, but I knew the heart of it would always be that earthy terracotta orange-red from where we had made our home.

Charlotte said...

WOWZA - Lovely blog! Lovely feature! I'm honored you included my bag. I'm an earthy girl at heart. Nothing better than being surrounded by nature. Thanks so much!

Diana said...

What a great post, full of amazing flame-kissed-clay finds! I've certainly found a few new favorites here. And thank you for including my wrought iron top!

Jaci said...

Beautifully warm finds!

ViKotas said...

I always enjoy your color combos
many thanks for including "blue hot"

My Mother's Garden said...

What a lovely collection of terracotta treasures! Each one is beautiful in its own unique way.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collection, beautiful colors! Thanks for including my Bronze Terra Cotta Shoulder Bag!

laurelsbylaurie said...

Love your collections Karen. And, Lynn, wonderful things from your shop. Karen has a way with colors and I love her blog. Hope all is well with you Karen and Happy Holidays! Laurie

bluemoon said...

so beauiful items!Thank you so much for including my terracotta shawl!

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous color palette and, as always, fantastic finds!

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