Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Aloha Spirit is Live and Well - A BESTeam Feature

Alooooohhhhhaaaaa! Today I'm honored to share a shop called RedemptionArt with you. After 25 years of the corporate grind, Connie, the shopkeeper behind this delightful emporium, decided to take a chance and follow her dreams of a better, yet simpler lifestyle... and RedemptionArt was born!

Connie lives in Volcano on the big island of Hawaii in the Hawaiian islands. No, not exactly in a volcano, but rather in the district of Volcano, a small community on the northeast rim of the world's most active volcano - Kīlauea's Halemaʻumaʻu summit caldera. (A caldera is the depression at the top of a mountain that's had volcanic activity - close enough for me to call it living on a volcano!) I've had the pleasure of meeting many people from Hawaii, and Connie is no exception to what I've come to recognize as an irrepressible sense of Mahalo (a Hawaiian word meaning gratitude and spirit of the divine) that these wonderful people possess!

As with the peoples of many ancient cultures, many islanders have a strong sense of community, tradition, and honor of both people and land. Connie brings this to bear in her shop where you'll find a fascinating selection of items and redeemed art that reflect the uniqueness of this Pacific Island culture and even some of Connie's own creative artistry in the hopefully not too distant future! I chose a few to share with you here!

King Kamehameha I, (Kamehameha the Great) the conqueror and ruler responsible for the unification of the Hawaiian islands in the early 1800s, felt it was important for the Kingdom of Hawai'i to maintain their independence as an island nation. Supposedly born at the time of the appearance of Hailey's comet, King Kamehameha's destiny is said to have been to bring the islands together as one... and his dynasty would continue to rule the islands for nearly a century. His name means "one set apart" and his role in the history of this land and its peoples definitely reinforces that meaning!

Vintage and Very Collectible Hawaiian Coco Joes King Kamehameha

Another Pacific island nation, Japan, played many important roles in the history of Hawaii - so I wasn't too surprised to see this lovely tea set in Connie's shop! The lovely design is a genji guruma (an ox-cart used by noblemen) filled with chrysanthemums and peonies... all of which have significant meaning in Japanese art forms. The cart symbolizes an "easy flowing" or "smoothness" of life, while the unfolding petals of the chrysanthemum symbolize perfection and the peonies symbolize prosperity!

Vintage Japanese Tea Pot Set

Who'd like to attempt a guess at what these are? Let's see if I can give you some hints. They are used in some circles as a magic charm and wearing an amulet made of one of these is believed to ward off the evil eye and protect the wearer from witchcraft. They are also believed to help with fertility and wealth, and in one South Pacific culture, a necklace made of these worn around the neck is a symbol of wealth and prosperity!

By the way, they are a Set of Eight Hawaiian Pig Pua'a Teeth

RedemptionArt definitely has an eclectic and quite amazing assortment of items, and whether you're looking for a trinket, a lovely vintage find, or a unique component for your next creative endeavor, this is definitely a shop you want to check out! But don't stop there! After you've made your selection in her shop, visit Connie's blog, Island Buzzy, for a wonderful view of life in Hawaii. You'll love the beautiful photos, the heartwarming stories, and the amazing look at Hawaiian culture. You can also find Connie on Facebook where you'll hear the latest news in Connie's world, and be the first to find out about her special deals and promotions!

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much!) for visiting here today and since it's that time of year, Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) me ka Hau`oli Makahiki Hou ( and a Happy New Year)!


Connie Lou said...

Dear Karen,

I am humbled and blessed! Thank you for your over the top feature! Have a wonderful weekend and a peaceful week...I am so glad to be a part of BESTeam!



Linda said...

Beautifully done feature!
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